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Jan 2, 2011 04:52 PM

Foxwoods/ MGM?

We are going to a concert at Foxwoods/ MGM. Does anyone have a good restaurant suggestion there or near there? We eat seafood but no meat or chicken.

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  1. Non-meat options in MGM are pretty slim. We used to get a salmon entree at Junior's but they no longer have it.

    In the main Foxwoods there is a California Pizza Kitchen and a Hard Rock Cafe which both have a range of non-meat options. The main buffet also has a wide variety and the one time we ate there it was pretty decent.

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      I noticed there is a Japanese restaurant there. Most menus have some seafood options, it just depends how good they are.

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        Are you referring to Shrine? I went once, the food was ok. We spent about $100 on dinner, then at a certain time (9pm?) they told us we had to finish up, because they had to move all the tables out because it turns into a club... they literally took our table from underneath us. Then they told us we couldn't just "stand around" to finish our drinks as the clubgoers came in - they ushered us into a back part of the restaurant which was partially outside (we were freezing). Would I go back? Um no.

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          Yikes! I guess we'll move to plan B! We are going to a concert at MGM that night so I was just trying to fiqure out a dinner plan. We could always go to Stonington first and then drive over. My research continues! Thanks!

    2. try craft steak,,,call ahead and mention what you like. The chef and the front of the house are very helpful.

      1. We were at Foxwoods last week. Had dinner at David Burke. Really good food. Lots of fish options. The tableside caesar salad was delicious. We also ate at The Veranda Cafe. Cute restaurant with diner food. The Golden Dragon is a dim sum place. We haven't tried that yet, but the place us usually crowded. Craft at MGM is also great. Not sure how much you want to spend though.

        1. We ended up at Shrine for sushi. We thought it was very good and would go back again. Thanks for all of the suggestions!