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Jan 2, 2011 04:37 PM

Good Food in Greenville, NC?

I will be in Greenville, NC, later this month. What are some good choices for really good food in Greenville? Could be BBQ, could be seafood, could be fine dining like Chef and the Farmer in Kinston. Where do you suggest?

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  1. I'm sure Naco, our resident eastern NC expert and Greenville resident will chime in, but I'll just say that for bbq, try B's in Greenville and Skylight Inn in nearby Ayden. Also, here is a previous post may be useful:

    Skylight Inn
    4618 S Lee St, Ayden, NC

    1. If you're wanting something unique, that you can't find elsewhere, get barbecue. Skylight Inn and B's, in that order. I have stopped going to fine dining places in Greenville. They're boring and overpriced for what you get. Christinne's is overpriced and boring, Plum Tree has had the same limited menu for years. Good salads, though. If you want something in this category, go to Chef and the Farmer or On the Square in Tarboro.

      Most everything else is more workaday. El Azador has very good Mexican, as does Supermercado El Rancho, for the most part. At the latter I would stick to tacos and tortas, although the birria isn't half bad. But I don't feel like either rises to the level of what you find at El Mexicanito in Wilson or La Cuata in Dudley. I used to like El Picante, but it had gone downhill a bit the last I was there.

      I am currently liking Sakura Asian Express a lot, especially the kimchi noodle soup and the Singaporean curry noodle soup. Service is great, and those noodle soups are beautiful to look at, in addition to tasting great. I've been going here every chance I get, but I don't know enough about Asian cuisines to give any sort of context here. I really like it, though.

      Thai Kitchen can also be good, but the service is iffy. I haven't tried Anchalee or Thai 360 yet.

      If you are willing to drive a bit, I always recommend Blackbeard's in Conetoe for barbecue and excellent Southern sides, El Mexicanito in Wilson for superb tacos, and La Cuata in Dudley for great homestyle Mexican(especially soups and stews). Blackbeard's is about 25-30 minutes outside of town, El Mexicanito is a half hour, and La Cuata is 45 minutes to an hour. You could hit El Mexicanito on the way in or out of Greenville from Raleigh, and Blackbeard's would be doable in the same fashion with a minor detour.

      La Cuata would be the most out of the way, but is also the most special. Really, really good food there.

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        As usual, Naco nails it. Barbecue, Mexican, or takeout from Sakura Asian Express. Chef and the Farmer is excellent, but it's a 45-minute drive.

        Just thought I'd add that if you want to stay downtown and you want something edible, Dale's on Evans makes perfectly ordinary Indian food, and Starlight Cafe makes serviceable but overpriced yuppie-Southern. Their drinks, however, are excellent and NOT overpriced. Ask for Jimmy the bartender.

        Otherwise, there's not much to get excited about here, right now.

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          Update: I went to Thai 360 on Evans tonight. Not bad at all! Completely generic Thai menu, but everything was done really well. We got some basics, just to see how they did: Pad Thai, Hot Basil Stir-fried Tofu, Tom Kha soup, vegetable rolls. All fresh and tasty (maybe a little salty...maybe). The hot ginger tea was particularly enjoyable, as well. Excellent service, and they've done a nice job with the location. All in all, it's at least as good as Saeng Thai used to be, and a great addition to downtown Greenville!

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            We went to Sakura tonight and it was very good! I hope that they do well and stick around because it's a great addition to Greenville. We had the curry soup and pad thai and both were great.

        2. Also try Carolina Pasta Works (CPWs) out near the hospital. They have a changing menu depending on the season but their regular menu is also quite good.

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            You can find some nice things on the various seasonal menus, but I'm not a fan of the regular menu. It hasn't changed in eons. Some of the seasonal menus are duds, though.

          2. B's BBQ in greenville
            for a good hotdog drive20 mins to Washington and go to Bills (one on Gladden St has more atmosphere)