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Jan 2, 2011 04:12 PM

Worst cake ever!

I ordered a cake from Buttercrumbs Bakery in Chalfont for my son's birthday as well as some cupcakes for the kids. I was sooooo disappointed by how terrible the cake was! It was dry and flavorless! The cupcakes were also teeny and very dry! I spent $80 for the cake and $20 for the cupcakes! The cakes at Genaurdi's and Acme and Costco were much better and much cheaper! I just hope anyone considering using them reads this review first!

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  1. That is a shame! I generally use the pastry chef from Zachariah's in Worcester. She does a fabulous job and will do unbelievable themed cakes. Her name is Maryanne.

    1. That is sad mj. I got some stuff from them about seven years ago and their cupcakes were just as you say, dry and flavorless. How did that place survive the lo-carb craze when so many better places folded?

      1. My family have been customers of Buttercrumbs for about as long as they've been in business. We couldn't disagree more with you, mjgirl. With about 10 birthday cakes yearly, and countless other purchases of cupcakes, donuts, pies, etc., we've rarely been disappointed with Buttercrumbs. I don't know why your experience is what it is, but I don't want to see what we consider to be a very good bakery hurt by the experience of a single instance.

        1. We all love Ann's Cake Pan in Horsham, right on Rt. 463 (I think it is!). It is run out of what looks to be a home. They did my sister's wedding, daughter's weddings, and many other special occasions. Cannot speak for Buttercrumbs. Oh and my daughter is a pastry chef, if that means anything. Other than we are insanely picky.