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Jan 2, 2011 03:52 PM

6 hours in japan

So, my husband and I are on our way to Asia... we've never been to japan, but our flight takes us through Tokyo, 5 p.m. to midnight we have 7 hours to get from Narita to Haneda...I was looking at the best method of transport and appears we should hit the Hamamatsucho area, because from Narita its not far and we have a shuttle every 20 minutes to we ABSOLUTELY have to find a place to eat. We are Izakaya fans, but we also love love our needs to be easy to get to and one recommendation we've found is Kurokiya...1 minute from the station...

So I've looked at the one day posts, but I think this is a little different and maybe MORE specific and we have done our research. We are BY NO MEANS japanese food experts but we love our Sushi/sashimi and if you've ever been to NYC our fave izakaya place is SAKE BAR HAGI...if there is something different that you recommend we'd love it...we are very open...i.e., not squimish ... but due to time constraints just something special...and not american. If there is no english menu and no photos and lack of english at the restaurant any recommendations you can give would be greatly appreciated. I've been trying trying to find as much info as possible, but Chowhounds has always delivered! We leave Feb 4th, so not a rush...:) Planning ahead...appreciate it entirely.

arigato (practicing!)

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  1. Kaba, in the Hamasite Gourmet complex, is quite lively and fun. It's an izakaya specializing in seafood and sake from Shimane and Tottori, and they have an English-language menu.

    Yamaneko, a nearby Okinawan restaurant, is also very good: . I'm not sure if they have an English menu or not, but if not then try to order some sort of a set meal and you should be okay.

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      Robb thanks this is great...Can't wait...appreciate your post..will let you know how our experience goes

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        Thanks for that Robb S, my family is from Tottori originally although they all live in Tokyo now for the most part. I will definitely check it out and pass it along to them.

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          It's definitely an interesting place, and very down-to-earth. The last time I went there, my otoshi was an unopened can of sardines!