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Jan 2, 2011 03:41 PM

Substitutions--dried fava beans and nicoise olives

I can't find either of these locally. I have a few more places to try (suggestions welcome), but if I can't find them, what are the best substitutes?


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  1. Is this for a particular dish/recipe?

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Yep. For two different ones. The fava beans are orange-flavored and go with a pork shoulder. The olives...can't remember. Have to look it up!

      1. re: Henny Penny

        ah I did not see that it was with pork - try big butter beans or cannellis or white beans.

    2. for the olives--kalamata instead of nicoise. they don't really taste the same, but kalamatas are easier to find. Nicoise are small and brown to purple, while kalamate are closer to black.

      for dried favas, since they are a side to pork, maybe small white beans. again, not the same, but they will take to orange and go with pork.

      as to where to look, I don't know where you are. I can get both of these ingredients in my local more upscale grocery store. try someplace similar where you are, or a whole foods or organic foods type place. or buy online.

      1. you might be able to find dried fava beans at an ethnic grocery store, if not, try

        1. Fava - Baby limas or edamame.
          Nicoise - kalamata or in a pinch those tiny tiny green olives - without the piminto if you can find them.

          Lots depends on what you are making and what you are doing to them - like whether you are pureeing. Limas and edamame have different textures, but each might be a better sub for a certain dish.

          1. I found fava beans, both frozen and dried! YAY!!!!

            All Green's in Glen Burnie, MD, has them.

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            1. re: Henny Penny

              Frozen fava beans are very different from the dried, you may want to use a different recipe for the frozen, to enjoy their texture and flavor.

              1. re: inthekitchen

                Hi there, I would also consider the humble pea. Fresh is optimal. Stewed with butter , white wine and a whole (smashed) clove of garlic until "al dente" and finished off with fresh dill or oregano, salt and cracked pepper ... it is lovely. If you cannot find fresh you may use frozen.
                For the olives I would use Moroccan. If you are going to deviate from Nicoise you may as well go crazy :).
                Happy eating, Oana