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Jan 2, 2011 03:28 PM

La Condesa's whole roasted suckling pig?

Has anyone ordered the whole roasted suckling pig from La Condesa? I am planning my husbands birthday dinner - he loves the restaurant and we have sampled most dishes there - but have never called in advance to order it. Im wondering how it was prepared, whether any sides were included, how many it would feed, etc. Thanks

La Condesa
400-A W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701

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  1. They did a whole pig for an event i was at the other day. It fed probably 30-40 people a couple of small tacos each.

    Personally, I liked some of the sides/condiments as much or better than the pig.

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      30-40 people from one sucking pig is either one mighty big pig on 30-40 mighty skinny people. Hell, if there's a roast pig being served, I want about two pounds of meat for my part.

    2. Anybody with any updates on this? I'm looking at having a restaurant roast a pig for my birthday celebration. I know Hadfington's also offers this option. Anyone know of any other places that are roasting whole pigs? Any help is appreciated.

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        Might not be the right style, but doesn't Din Ho do this? Maybe some of the other Chinese BBQ places as well?

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          I know that Elaine from Eastside Cafe roasts a whole pig for a charity event every year and does a fantastic job of it. Maybe she also caters? Check with Elaine's Pork and Pies.

          A google search turns up "Austin's coolest pig roasting team" at as well as a Bolder, Colorado BBQ outfit that apparently delivers whole roast pigs in Austin - Flatirons Barbecue.

          Also, it's not too hard to do yourself if you have the time. I've done a 90lb fellow in a temporary cinder block pit and it was delicious. Just Google Cuban Whole Roast pig for directions.

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            I think haddington's will do whole pigs now too.

            EDIT, Doh I didnt read your whole post, you already know about haddington's

            I have classmates working in both kitchens that I will see tomorrow, Ill ask them if they know anything about it and report back!

          2. Live Oak BBQ did a whole roasted pig for a friend's wedding. They might be worth giving a call.

            1. Thanks for the information. I have found a few catering services that offer the whole hog roasts, but if possible would like it in a restaurant. I have been in contact with La Condesa and Haddington's. La Condesa prices their suckling pig dinner starting at $75 a person and Haddington's starts theirs at $50, but for substantially less offerings. I'm guessing catering will be much less expensive, but am not sure. I will continue to update as I do more research.