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Jan 2, 2011 02:51 PM

need chili brick

where in houston area can i find a chili brick (log)?? i had to have some edmonds chili brought from st. louis. i bought this product (different brand) at kroger last winter but now the butchers in 15 stores don't even know what i am talking about.

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  1. Is this just frozen chili or a specific product? I've seen products like that at Kroger and Fiesta stores - in the freezer or cooler but not the meat cases so butchers might not know anything about it.. One was made in Tulsa and the other in Fort Worth as I recall.

    Guy's Meat Market on OST makes their own chili and sells it in frozen 1# bricks.

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      Thanx for info. Which locations ? I checked a local Kroger, it has frozen Texas Brand in a plastic tub, is this what you saw?

      1. re: jerrybilt

        I bought one of them - can't remember which one. It was in a brick shaped box, probably foil wrapped inside. I don't remember a tub.

        The Kroger would probably have been the Sig store at W. Bellfort and S. Post Oak, off the SW corner of 610; the only other one I sometimes go to is the one on Westpark at Buffalo Speedway.

        I'm sure the Fiesta was the big one at Hillcroft and Bellaire. I don't think a smaller Fiesta near me carries it.

    2. James Coney Island sells bricks of chili, (at least they used to).

      I've never bought a brick, but I've eaten a chili dog or two!

      1. Guys meat market on Old Spanish Trail in the med center, near the VA hospital. Excellent house chili with cubed, not ground chuck. Sold by the brick frozen.

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