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2011 - What are you Drinking!

It's a New Year, so Happy New Year! That said, whatcha drinkin'? Cheers!

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  1. Still. Not. Booze.
    When is this kid coming out?!

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    1. re: invinotheresverde

      My mom and sister were getting impatient when I passed my first date (the doctor gave me two, a week apart, and waffled back and forth between them a few times)...my sister had heard that Mexican food brings babies, so she and my mom cooked up this chicken and green chili enchilada casserole. (It was good, in that Campbell's soup casserole kind of way)...

      Dang if I didn't go into labor the next day...and they of course still take credit for it.

      Food for thought, so to speak.

        1. re: invinotheresverde

          Congratulations, by the way...and I hope everything goes quickly and easily as possible.

      1. '06 Merry Edwards Pinot Noir Klopp Ranch. Amazing light fruitiness up front; beautifully smooth finish. Couldn't believe the 14+% alc on the label. If you prefer Burgundies, you probably wouldn't care for it.

        FWIW - This wine was rated 96 in the Wine Enthusiast - for once I agree with a magazine rating. Just to showya.......... Tanzer gave this same wine an 89. Go figure? Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. That's why I always remind people they need to calibrate their own palates to a reviewer's if they want to use reviews.

        1. I am just really getting into wine and also have a not-so-big wine budget so I am limited to the sub $20 bottles. my recent bottles were:
          Toad hollow Chardonnay
          Root 1 Cabernet

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          1. re: eber85

            There are plenty of wines in your price range for the money. Some great QPR's (quality to price ratio) wines that I have come across include Clayhouse, as well as a Chilean label called Vintesquero. Both well below $20 per bottle, and very tasty for the price. These are most definitely worth searching out! -mJ

            1. re: njfoodies

              thanks njfoodies, I will look for them!

              most recent un-corking:
              2007 Las Rocas Garnacha, at $9.99 a bottle I really enjoyed it, very light on the tannins and after letting it open some very nice fruit flavors developed. Will probably finish this bottle tonight after work with dinner.

          2. 2007 Barrel 27 Rock and a Hard Place Grenache
            2007 Tolosa "1772" Pinot Noir
            2009 Orin Swift Abstract
            2007 Chateau de Montfaucon Baron Louis Cotes du Rhone
            2008 Sokol-Blosser Evolution

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            1. re: PolarBear

              Hi! I'm new here but have been reading the forum for some time, and the start of a new year seems like a good time to jump in! I'm afraid I don't speak "wine" and am not even sure I'm capable of detecting the many flavours but I do like wine nonetheless!

              Open right now - reds:

              Chateau de Beaucastel Chateauneuf-de-Pape 2007
              Ridge Lytton Springs 2006
              Enjoying both very much!!

              Weingut Hupfeld Hochheimer Königin Victoriaberg Riesling Kabinett 2008 (scary bottle but tasty wine)
              Darioush Napa Valley Viognier 2009
              Tommasone Pithecusa Bianco 2008

              1. re: altavino

                You seem to speak fluent "wine", Ridge Lytton Springs and Geyserville are consistent year to year hits.

                1. re: PolarBear

                  Thanks for the encouragement! Ridge never disappoints us - definitely at the top of our list since we discovered Lytton Springs and especially Montebello (WOW).

            2. Interesting that both the Lytton Springs and the Chateauneuf-du-Pape were on sale - the former at at 20% off ($40.46 Cdn./bottle - not a terrific savings, looks like) and the latter at 15% off ($77.95/bottle - great price??).

              Ackk, I hope I haven't killed this thread...

              1. Opened my first out of the case bottle of 2004 Cascina Morassino Barbaresco Ovello. It's a monster, and will wait another year to see what it is doing.

                1. 2009 County Line Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir. My first bottle of wine bought at the winery. (Radio Coteau's second label.) It was too young but exuberant and fresh and totally vin de pays. It's good to live, buy, drink in Sonoma!

                  1. Picked up a case of 2007 Casa Lapastolle Alexandra Cuvee Chardonnay (Chile) after a friend turned me on to it. $13 (aprx) at Spec's which is our biggest wine distributer here in Houston, TX. It's big, got a lot of alcohol, and yeah there is some oak, but hell I love it! I've never tried to pair it with food though, just polish off a bottle on its own, lol.

                    Some other good stuff I've had this year:
                    2006 Robert Hall Viognier
                    2005 Chateau de Pez St. Estephe (okay sorry, that one is over $20 but I had to include it!)
                    2008 Layer Cake Shiraz
                    2007 Glazter Gruner Veltnier
                    2008 Cupcake Chardonnay (scoff away!! lol)

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                      Yum on the Pez. Great vintage, too (I'd have sat on it for a while, but I totally understand that sometimes you just have to drink 'em!).

                    2. 1980 Diamond Creek Vineyards, Gravelly Meadows Cab. This is an amazing old school cab from Mayacamas Range of the Napa Valley. I believe they actually smuggled root stock in from Bordeaux. It is a lovely 12 percent alcohol wine and will age forever. It is pricey but it is a lovely wine.

                      1. Domaine Rion, Nuits-St. Georges, "Les Terres Blanches" 1er Cru, 2006... Love this stuff. Very nice indeed.

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                        1. re: altavino

                          2003 Domaine A.-F. Gros Vosne-Romanée 'Aux Réas'. Soft and pretty and delicious.

                        2. Last night with roasted lamb chops:

                          1998 Domaine Auguste Clape Cornas
                          This was bottle number five consumed of the six I purchased upon release. The acidity was very high and the wine showed well, but not exciting. In its youth, this was a very tough wine. It seems to be in middle age and mostly about fruit, with a few meaty, minerally notes.

                          1998 Domaine de la Charbonnière Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Hautes Brusquières
                          This was bottle number three consumed of the six I purchased upon release. I think it is still not at peak. It's still a big wine, but with all the silkiness and fruit I could want. It still seems to need to settle down a bit. I think I'll wait another year for the next attempt.

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                          1. re: wineguy7

                            Gee, as I read these reports from the experienced wine-lovers, how I wish I'd started buying wine twenty years ago!

                          2. 2003 Château des Tours Vacqueyras Reserve
                            2008 Anthill Farms Pinot Noir Tina Marie Vineyard
                            2007 Langlois-Château Cabernet de Saumur La Bretonnière Sec
                            2004 Domaine des Tours Vin de Pays de Vaucluse
                            2008 Foxen Cabernet Franc 7200 Rock Hollow Vineyard
                            2007 Pacific Rim Winemakers Wallula Vineyard
                            2007 Clos des Briourds Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine
                            2008 Corvidae Wine Co. Rook Cabernet - Merlot - Syrah Columbia Valley
                            2009 Evening Land Vineyards Pinot Noir Blue Label
                            N.V. Paul Bara Champagne Brut Reserve Grand Cru
                            2005 Château de Lascaux Coteaux du Languedoc Les Pierres D'Argent
                            2004 Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe Châteauneuf-du-Pape La Crau
                            2009 Chehalem Pinot Noir 3 Vineyard

                            1. 2009 Andre Brunel Domaine Becassonne Cotes du Rhone Blanc
                              55% Roussanne, 30% Grenache Blanc, 15% Clairette

                              2009 Yorkville Cellars Sauvignon Blanc Randle Hill Vineyard
                              83% Sauvignon Blanc, 17% Semillon

                              2009 Domaine des Corbillieres Sauvignon Touraine

                              2009 Chateau Couronneau Bordeaux Blanc
                              Sauvignon Blanc & Sauvignon Gris

                              2009 Le Cellier du Palais Vin de Savoie Apremont

                              2009 Domaine de la Petite Cassagne Costieres de Nimes Blanc
                              40% Rolle (Vermentino), 60% Grenache Blanc

                              2009 Domaine Lalande Cotes de Gascogne Sauvignon Blanc

                              2009 The Winery of Good Hope Chenin Blanc Stellenbosch

                              2009 John Robert Eppler Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley

                              2009 Domaine de Pouy Cotes de Gascogne
                              60% Ugni Blanc and 40% Colombard

                              2009 Crave Sauvignon Blanc

                              2009 Domaine de la Pepiere Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie

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                              1. re: wineguy7

                                how was the Cassagne Blanc as well as the Muscadet?

                                1. re: ibstatguy

                                  The Cassagne has good aromatics, but watered down on the palate. The Muscadet is classic and I would recommend it.

                                2. re: wineguy7

                                  Ditto on the Domaine de Pouy....a fun little wine

                                  1. re: tito

                                    Yes, I think "fun" is a good descriptor of the Domaine de Pouy. Fresh, easy drinking and aromatic with a sweet, tart and a little spicy quality that made it good with a curry I prepared. It's an elbow-bender...

                                3. Lots of Alsacian whites.

                                  Also Borsao 8 dollars, 89 points.

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                                  1. re: Sharoneonta

                                    Which producers in Alsace do you like? I actually had a great Zind-Humbrect "Zind" Vin de Table not too long ago. Chardonnay is the chief varietal, hence the Vin de Table designation, but it was really memorable.

                                  2. Saracco Pinot Nero 2008 was a mean one, thin and sour (poured out the last of it). It did not appeal to either of us, at any rate.

                                    Opened a Ridge Monte Bello 2006 - now that's more like it!

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                                    1. re: altavino

                                      Yes. Ridge Monte Bello is terrific. They are almost ageless, amazing wines. I don't think ever met a Ridge I didn't like!

                                    2. Paras Mt. Veeder grenache (2007) was very tasty with beef short ribs, fingerling potatoes and beets at lunch the other day.

                                      1. Not much wine except for Fuzion (yes I know, it's cheap but I like it!).
                                        In addition...
                                        Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer
                                        Tangueray 10
                                        Grey Goose
                                        Angostura 1919

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                                        1. re: ladooShoppe

                                          REDS--Some coming-of-age Brunelli:
                                          '97 Il Poggione Brunello (Italy)
                                          '98 Antinori della Vigna Brunello (Italy)
                                          '06 Disznoko Tokaji Dry Furmint (Hungery)
                                          '07 Rosenberg Gewurztraminer (Alsace)

                                        2. E. Guigal Hermitage (red) 2002... nice.

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                                          1. re: altavino

                                            Nice. Just had the 2000 Guigal Hermitage yesterday and it was pretty nice as well. Great rich earthiness to it that was reminiscent of some good burgundies.

                                          2. Joseph Mellot Pouilly-Fumé 'Le Troncsec' 2007 - crisp and delicious.

                                            1. 2008 Single Vineyard Malbec's from La Posta Winery. The Piazzella Vineyard is lush, bright red fruit and much more feminine. The Paulucci is more masculine with red & blue fruit, more structure and grip. Much bigger and bolder. A fun side-by-side comparison.

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                                              1. re: Iowaboy3

                                                More Darioush Napa Valley 2009 viognier - very enjoyable, if extremely alcoholic (14.8%!) A fruity fragrance that reminds me, oddly, of bananas... (that sounds vile, but isn't!)

                                                [Sorry, this should have been a reply to the original post not to the last one.]

                                                1. re: altavino

                                                  I love Darioush's Viognier as well. Extremely fragrant. I'm waiting to open another bottle when the weather warms up. Perfect summertime wine!!!!

                                              2. I opened an "ancient" 1970 Lynch Bages last night. No need to decant. Straight from the bottle was fabulous...however, it was a "fast fader". By the next glass it was weakened. We drank fast :)

                                                1. 2004 Domaine Gouges Nuits-St. George on the weekend... acidic and unpleasant and very disappointing

                                                  1. Domaine Les Aphillantes CDR villages "Cuvee des Galets" 2007. I discovered this producer a few years back while traveling in Uzes France a few years back.........very yummy!

                                                    1. I'm drinking from nearby wineries. Gilroy Ca.'s Sarah's 08Estate Pinot Noir, 08Roussanne and 08Viognier. and Solis wines also in Gilroy a Sangiovese Rose. My wine taste seems to be getting lighter and i am enjoying whites and roses more and more after a start in the big red country.

                                                      1. Goofing around with friends at an overly excessive lunch...

                                                        Dom Perignon 90 - slightly corked, unfortunately
                                                        Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 96
                                                        Dugat Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru 93
                                                        Mortet Chambertin 99
                                                        Henri Bonneau CdP 01

                                                        The Burgs were great, but the Bonneau was showing the best. My first experience with this producer, and would love to try more.

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                                                        1. re: mengathon

                                                          how was the Mortet? His son seems to be doing great things now...

                                                          1. re: ibstatguy

                                                            Very good, a solid A-minus. Not quite the richness or intensity of other Chambertins I've had, but all the elements were there. Not sure if it needed more time. Given the vintage though, must say I expected a little more.

                                                        2. Heidi Schrock 2008 Grauburgunder - light and tasty. I like it!

                                                          1. Current favorite picks under $20:

                                                            2008 Trentatre Rosso 33 $5.99 at Trader Joe's. Delicious

                                                            2009 Kirkland Signature Malbec $7.99 at Costco. Tastes like a $25 Malbec, but it's selling fast.

                                                            2008 Willamette Valley Vineyards Barrel Select Pinot Noir $16.99 exclusive to Costco. Smooth, smooth, smooth

                                                            2009 DnA Vineyards Benefactor Cellars $4.99 at Trader Joe's. Very good, but a little too much heat on the finish for me.

                                                            2008 Château Labrande Cahors Malbec $9.98 at Costco. Fruity malbec/merlot blend

                                                            2008 Charles Smith Boom Boom Syrah $14.99 at Costco. Spicy/peppery with a smooth finish. Probably either love or hate this one


                                                            1. Just opened a 1974 Ridge Monte Bello. SUPERB.

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                                                              1. re: sedimental

                                                                Given how much we enjoy the 2006, I can't even imagine how mind-blowing a 1974 must be!

                                                                1. re: altavino

                                                                  Well, the weird thing is...I have never opened a bad one. Seriously, even in a not-so-good vintage-year when I am sure it will be aged out, pruney, flat, boring...NOPE. It's wonderful. Maybe they put a "preservative" of some kind in it! LOL
                                                                  The only other wine similar to that is Caymus or old school (green label) Grace Family. If you can pick one up with good prov, go for it.....it's weirdly a reduced risk :)

                                                                  1. re: sedimental

                                                                    It's interesting how tastes can be so similar yet so different. I love RMB but have never had a Caymus (Napa or SS) that I even remotely enjoy. Food (drink?) for thought. ;)

                                                                    1. re: invinotheresverde

                                                                      Oh, sorry-I meant that Caymus (and Grace) are amazing agers- like Ridge is. Weirdly good for aging in almost all vintage years from the 1980's- 1990's. Not that they taste similar to Ridge.
                                                                      However, I adore old school Caymus and Grace from that time frame (and those two wines DO taste similar).

                                                                      1. re: sedimental

                                                                        No, I totally got what you meant. I just meant that I find it interesting that you and I could both agree on how wonderul RMB is and disagree so strongly about the Caymus. It's just interesting. Not a dig or anything.

                                                                        1. re: invinotheresverde

                                                                          Oh, got it. Yup, there are many wines that others expect I would like- but I don't. I have a wine collector friend that really dislikes cos d'estournel ( another fav of mine) just because it is expensive or has good standing doesn't mean everyone will like it. I get that.
                                                                          Note: my friend likes most everything else I do- except that one.

                                                                          1. re: sedimental

                                                                            Comically, I also love d'Estournel. That Caymus is just really bum juice to me.

                                                              2. Bergstrom Chardonnay "Old Stones" 2009 - Not to sound trite, but very Burgundian-- lots of apple and pear fruit framed by flinty minerality. Pretty ripe, but not at all fat. Really nice juicy profile, and well-integrated toasty wood notes.

                                                                Puech-Haut Prestige 2009 - This was infanticide... but Baby Huey style... man this one is a monster. Huge, dark, rich, mineral... Fair amount of wood, but I have a feeling this'll be a rockstar in another couple years.

                                                                Excited to drink Stoller SV Pinot 06 tonight with some grilled tuna... beautiful day here in NC.

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                                                                1. re: Pigloader

                                                                  The PH Prestige is a REALLY nice wine. I suggest you buy a few and lay them down 5-6 years. They will reward you tremendously for a very low investment

                                                                2. MacMurray Ranch Sonoma Coast Pinot Gris 2007 - nice.
                                                                  Ehlers Estate St. Helena One Twenty Over Eighty 2007 - with winery proceeds donated to international cardiovascular research, second bottle of this; very good.
                                                                  Domaine de la Mordorée Cuvée de La Reine des Bois Châteauneuf-Du-Pape 2006 - delicious.

                                                                  1. 2007 Domaine André Brunel Vin de Pays de Vaucluse Grenache. An easy drinking, every day sort of wine.

                                                                    1. Over the weekend
                                                                      2005 Arcadian Sleepy Hollow Pinot Noir
                                                                      2005 Arcadian Dierberg Pinot Noir
                                                                      2000 Staglin Cab
                                                                      1997 Ch. Montelena Cab
                                                                      Ginga Shizuku Junmai Daiginjo Sake
                                                                      Firestone XIV Ale

                                                                      1. Some young wines recently:
                                                                        2009 Stags’ Leap Winery Viognier, Napa Valley
                                                                        2009 Etude Rose’ of Pinot Noir, Carneros
                                                                        2009 Navarro Vineyards Navarrouge, Mendocino
                                                                        2008 Jacques Puffeney Pinot Noir, Arbois
                                                                        2007 Stags’ Leap Winery Petite Sirah, Napa Valley
                                                                        2006 Souverain Dessert Syrah, Alexander Valley

                                                                        1. '06 Wasem & Sohne Spatburgunder Trocken

                                                                          1. I am looking forward to a Dehlinger Estate Pinot Noir tonight.

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                                                                            1. re: Sailing77

                                                                              so did you have one and if so, what vintage?

                                                                              1. re: ibstatguy

                                                                                It was the 2004 and is drinking quite well at this point. A very nice combination of spice, red fruits and forest. It seems to be a little more extracted than the average Dehlinger Estate Pinot.

                                                                            2. Lordy, lordy!!!!! Getting ready to auction in Hong Kong, so excited! Opened up a 1965 La Tache tonight. Got nervous due to shoulder fill and aging out. Oh. My. Gawd!!! No nerves needed. This was much better than I thought it would be. Secondary, secondary...red to rim. Yes- to oak, red berry and still a hint of green. A bit of burned wood flavor on the finish. Lasting finish! Nice. Took 2 hours to drink it. Almost hated to swallow it....but I managed :)

                                                                              On a more pedestrian note...I drank some "beer -garita's" this weekend with cactus nacho's -and some 1983 Puilly- Fuisse (Vincent) with my grilled chicken! It's all good.

                                                                              1. '07 Chateau des Charmes Equulus Paul Bosc Vineyard. Consistently great every year it is produced, but it looks like '07 might be one of, if not The, best that I've tried. Still young, but great now, this has the guts for a long sleep in the cellar. 50 Cab Sauv/25 Merlot & Cab Franc each.

                                                                                1. Lambert Bridge, Dry Creek Valley, Forchini Vineyard Zinfandel, '09.


                                                                                  1. In the last two weeks a lot of Canadian (mostly BC) and Californian: have some Français de la France and thought it would be nice to introduce them to offerings from the New World. Various Quail's Gate, Clos Jordanne PN and Chardonnay, Osoyoos Larose, Township 7 Merlot and Syrah, various Kettle Valley, Qupe Roussane, various ABC PNs.

                                                                                    Will be subjecting them to a blind tasting between a Montelena and a Jomain Puligny-Montrachet this weekend.

                                                                                    1. Last night with dinner at La Ciccia:
                                                                                      2004 Tenute Dettori Cannonau di Badde Nigolosu Romangia "Tuderi".
                                                                                      Unfined, unfiltered, no selected yeasts, cement tank aged, delicious Cannonau.

                                                                                      1. Austrian wines!!! Reds, whites, roses and sparkling. It's all good. I want to go there!

                                                                                        1. Brys Estate, Artisan Series Merlot, 2007.

                                                                                          Simply wonderful!

                                                                                          1. Last night was a 2002 Ridge "Nervo Vineyard".

                                                                                            1. Another Ridge last night...2003 "Dusi Ranch' Late Picked Zinfandel. Age was good to this wine but I think now is probably time to drink them up. I'm usually not a fan of late picked zins but this one was very good and not over the top. I guess what you would expect from Ridge in general.