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New PBS Series - Korean cuisne w/Jean Georges Vongerichten and his wife

So have read some articles on the internet about the new PBS series called Kimchi Chronicles which is suppose to be Jean Georges Vongerichten and his wife doing a 13 episode series on Korean cuisine... similar to the Batali+Paltrow series on Spanish food.

I just checked the PBS website and can't find anything under their program listing. The series is suppose to be airing this month. Anyone know when/what time??

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    1. I heard May and January. Let's hope it's January, because I am really looking forward to this show. Great to see more people are recognizing Korea's wonderful cuisine.

      1. Seems like it will now air Summer 2011.

        1. It is about time! Jean-Georges has been one of my favourites for ages. I have such respect for his knowledge and skill. Hope we'll get it here in Canada, too?!

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            Oh no I hope this does not make kimchi a trendy food, I like being the only person at work, at home, in the family, in the neighborhood, in the city......... that loves kimchi

          2. I saw it yesterday (Sunday, July 26) on PBS. You get to see his unsmiling wife flaunt their wealth and famous friends. And then they eat.

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              Bummer. I was hoping it wouldn't be a vanity project. :(

              Maybe it'll get better...

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                Yeah, but they've got a private plane!

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                  Silly me. I almost forgot that ridiculous money + celebrity friends = instant cred. :)

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                I just saw the rice episode, and did not detect any of this flaunting.

              3. It'll be nice if they have an actual Korean person talk about their own cuisine.

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                  I know a lot of hapas who would vigorously deny the accusation that they are somehow not an 'actual' Korean or Chinese person because of their ethnicity.

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                    has more about the inception of the show, and about Marja's background. I had never heard of the term 'hapa', though I see how that applies in this context.

                    A good written introduction to Korean food is
                    Eating Korean by Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee. Cecilia is Korean American, though in her case her family moved to the USA when she was old enough to have lots of memories of life in Korea.

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                      Kimchi so sour it "sparkles on the tongue". Love it. :)

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                        Hapa is a Hawaiian Pidgin term for people of mixed ancestry. Hawaii people say the hapa kids are the lucky ones, they take the best from both sides. In a state where the majority of marriage licenses are given to couples of different ethnic/cultural backgrounds, thats a good thing.


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                      Angel, I totally agree...Emily Kim of www.maangchi.com was recently trying to come up with a good title for her new show (I doubt it will be on PBS) ...well, they have not started filming yet, hee hee. Here's some information though...she's calling it a global cooking show:


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                        Love Maangchi's site!

                        As for Ms. Vongerichten... she grates on me. I tried to watch the show, but I find her highly unpleasant.

                    3. Well, with the 2018 Winter Olympics being held in Korea, I think we can expect a growing interest in Korean food and culture over the next 7 years, While summer food in Korea is really good, it is fantastic winter food, so warming. Way to go Pyeong Chang!

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                        Wow... I sorta like the show... The tofu episode gave me some fun ideas...

                      2. After waiting so long to see this show, I was so disappointed when I finally did get to see it! Episode 1 was too painful to watch, I was literally cringing - Hugh Jackman and his wife must owe JG and his wife Marja big time to get roped into this amateur affair. Subsequent episodes were only slightly better because of the travelogue sections. The sections where they cook at home are terrible! JG and his wife has ZERO camera presence. It's like watching a bad amateur home video of a couple cooking. They need scripts because their dialogue is no more than:

                        JG (eating in korea) " love it"
                        JG (shopping in korea) "love it"
                        JG (cooking at home) "love it"

                        Meanwhile, M's dialogue isn't much better:
                        M (cooking at home) "babe, can you stir this for me? thanks babe"
                        M (traveling in korea) "babe, try this, isn't it amazing babe?"
                        Repeat ad naseum....

                        And the ultimate insult is hearing Marja mangling the names of the Korean dishes by pronouncing them with such a heavy American accent. Bibimbap becomes Beee-beeen-baap and bulgogi becomes Boool-goo-gi. Sweet lord, I have American friends who can pronounce these dishes better than her!

                        UGH! So disappointed!

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                          Isn't a new audience appreciating Korea a good thing?

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                            Not when korean cooking is being dumbed down and the dishes aren't even authentic - kimchi jigae and cheese?! And if the aim is to introduce the cuisine then do it in a manner that respects the food tradition of Korea. Do not introduce shortcut "recipes" that no self respecting Korean cook/chef/housewife would make - ie kimchi jigae is not just cutting some kimchi up and putting it into a pot to cook. That's like saying spaghetti is simply cooking some noodles and heating up a jar of Prego sauce.

                            At this point I am waiting for a noodles episode with Marja using a packet of Shin instant ramen noodles.

                            1. re: SeoulQueen

                              Totally agree with your assessment. This is no more than a silly vanity project, underwritten by the Korean government as a pre-Olympic PR tool. Boring and dreadful, and a complete waste of Chef Vongerichten's time (and ours, as well).

                              1. re: sundevilpeg

                                Well I guess the Vongerichten's and their friends can't complain as it seems they got a nice, all-expenses paid, fully escorted vacation.

                        2. I caught the beef episode. I liked what I saw. Everyone looked like they were having fun. The show even motivated me to give Korean food another try. That's Korean food other than the grilled meats and banchan.