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Jan 2, 2011 12:19 PM

ISO Leek Potato soup recipe

I want to make a leek potato soup for a small crowd, 15 people or so. It has to be gluten free so no flour and I'd like to use up some heavy cream. The recipe I planned to use is from the New England Soup Factory cookbook and calls for 7 pounds of leeks, which are currently going for 3 bucks a pound here ( yesterday one enormous leek was 1/2 pound,) So I am looking for a recipe that uses fewer leeks, more potatoes, heavy cream and is vegetarian. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I make a Leek & Potato Soup with Roasted Pear that is wonderful (in my opinion, anyway). I'm pretty sure it's gluten-free, here are the ingredients and if it piques your interest I'd be happy to send you the full recipe on my site.

    Yukon Gold potatoes
    Vidalia or Maui onion
    sweet butter
    olive oil
    homemade chicken or vegetable stock or packaged low sodium broth –
    dried Tarragon

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      It does sound interesting but I'm trying to keep it locavore and I'm not sure about using sherry for this group.
      Thanks for answering me!

    2. Here's an old thread from Caralien who's no longer active on CH (I miss her). Loved this soup and there are other suggestions here:

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      1. We just made Alton's Brown's recipe for Leek Potato Soup today. It does call for cream and a lot fewer than 7 lbs of leeks (1 lb per 6 servings), and it's vegetarian (we used homemade chicken broth because we had it on hand, but the recipe actually calls for vegetable broth). I really like it, partly because it also has buttermilk in it, which adds a nice flavor.

        1. I like to sub out a couple of the potatoes for turnips. Then before adding the sauteed leeks to the mix< I use the immersion blender till it's semi creamy with a few chunks. I never use four. I also boil the potatoes and turnips in chicken stock.

          1. How about this zucchini vichysoisse? It's potato leek soup with the addition of zucchini. I always substitute vegetable stock for the chicken stock and I think the addition of the zucchini might help you get away with fewer leeks. Good luck!


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              I'm making it right now- thanks!

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                I love vichysoisse but maybe not so much in the winter time. Cold soup just doesn't sing to me now.

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                  I forgot to mention that I eat it hot, as cold soup doesn't sing to me ever:-)

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                    I guess I didn't know that it could be vichysoisse if it's hot. I thought then it became "potato leak soup." :)

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                      Finally served it today to a small group and we all loved it. I used mostly water as I only had a small amount of vegetable broth, got tired of the food mill so half of it was slightly chunky- I used a hand blender, went heavy on the cream and served it hot. People asked for the recipe. thanks again!

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                      I make a variation of my vichyssoise in the winter which I serve hot. Last batch I left some of the potatoes in chunks, added leftover ham and rosemary. Very yummy!