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Anyone Have Ideas or Favourite Recipes that have Dried Figs in the Ingredients?

For New Years Eve I braised some lamb shanks, duck thighs and lamb sausages with dried figs, green olives and roasted cherry tomatoes and the figs added such an interesting dimension to the dish. I would like some more ideas. Tonight I am going to use some chopped figs on one of my pizzas. Thank-you.

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  1. i LOVE figs. on pizza with gorgonzola and prosciutto they are amazing. your nye's dish sounds like i wish i ate at your house!

    i make this for the holidays for parties. it's best after it sits a few days:


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      holy mother of goodness that recipe looks sinfully delicious. Boy am I going to give that a try!

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        it's sossososososo good and wickedly easy. i roll it into a log, wrap it in wax paper, weight it and let it sit at least 4-5 days. shelf-life is long, but not in my house! lol.

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          Once I make the roll I'm going to spend some time thinking of ways to use slices of the fig cake on other desserts or menus. I bet it would work well topped on a creamy dessert or as a side to a fresh salad. I love figs too.

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        hotoynoodle...thank-you so much. That recipe sounds amazing and I am going to make it this week. I would presume that it would keep for quite a while if well wrapped. I would like to serve it on one of my cheese trays.

        1. Marchella Hazan's Polenta Shortcake with figs, raisins and pinenuts


          I've made this several times and love it. I've started serving it with Greek yogurt.

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            That sounds great c oliver. Thanks, I have her book so this recipe will go on my list.

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              I have the book also and hers varies a bit but this is the only online one I can find. I'm not a dessert person at all and I love this. I also like that it's so easy. Don't even need a mixer. I have more figs and raisins should fix another soon.

          2. Slice six pieces of bacon into tiny pieces. Saute until crispy in a good-sized pan (I usually use a 3-qt. saute pan). Reserve. Saute about a pound of shredded brussels sprouts in the bacon fat (you may need to add a little olive oil or other flavorful fat like homemade lard if the bacon didn't render enough). Add the bacon in a couple of minutes, and about a cup of quartered dried figs with a some minced garlic a couple minutes later. Cook until the vegetable is tender and a little browned, usually 10-12 minutes over medium heat. Finish with lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice and adjust for seasoning. A drizzle of balsamic can also be nice. Great as either a side or a bed for slices of roast pork.

            1. I love them in winter fruit salads such as this:
              although i don't use the sugar, or much anyway

              1. A vegan version of Brussels sprouts and figs: Trim and quarter about a pound of sprouts. De-stem and quarter about a cup of dried figs. Put the sprouts and figs into a hot skillet and add about 1/3 water. Clamp on the lid and bring to a boil, then simmer till the sprouts are tender. Add 1 - 2 Tbsp of vinegar (I like sherry but balsamic is also good) and correct the seasoning. I like this serve with toasted, salted, chopped hazelnuts on top.

                Also: make your favorite chicken salad (hot or cold) and add halved dried figs.

                Chop a big handful of figs and let them set with some port for a few hours. Stir into your favorite bread pudding recipe.

                1. Stuff them into baked apples.

                  1. I love them roasted with grapes and braised chicken thighs and topped with caramelized onion or crispy shallots. Also in a savoury orange pan sauce for poultry or pork. Tagine with figs is also a winner. I also make a killer sweet and savoury caramelized onion and fig jam that goes especially well with duck or game.

                    Simply served with Parmesan and drizzled with a wildflower honey.

                    1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/4946...

                      feel free to use cow's milk instead of almond...and since you probably don't have any Ficoco spread on hand, you can easily make a substitute - just puree a few soaked/hydrated figs with a teaspoon of cocoa and a drizzle of honey or a pinch of sugar.

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                        There is a pork loin with a wine fig sauce on foodnetwork.com by Giada that is very tasty.

                      2. chop them, soak in brandy or other liqueur, then stir into melted chocolate and cream with large pieces of almond, small pieces of stem ginger and amaretti chunks - chill and cut into small pieces as petits fours.

                          1. I made a bunch of this fruitcake as holiday gifts:

                            Spiced Rum Fruitcake

                            I substituted dried Mission figs for the dried apple.

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                              Now that's a great sounding fruitcake. I've saved this. thanks.

                            2. When I make homemade granola I throw in lots of diced dried figs, apricots, apple, cranberries and so on.

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                                Have you tried this fruitcake bar by David Lebovitz. So easy and so darn good!

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                                  No, actually, but this looks scrumptious! It sort of reminds me of Siena panforte. I will definitely make it - love this kind of thing. Thanks for the link.

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                                    HillJ this fruitcake sounds great. The dates would be replaced with dried figs. I would love to try and slice thin and serve with some cheese. Thanks for the link!

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                                      Yes you could sub figs for dates or you could do half dates, half figs and follow the recipe as is. You know I've always made them like a health bar for my family; never thought to serve them with thin slices of cheese. Great idea.