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Jan 2, 2011 11:28 AM

Winston Salem Breakfast Spots

Need to go to the Winston Salem medical center area next week. Any help on a Chow worthy breakfast/lunch spot close to that area is appreciated.

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  1. Check out the screaming rooster

    1. What/where exactly is the Winston-Salem medical center? Baptist Hospital? Forsyth Medical Center? The VA Outpatient Facility? How close is close?

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      1. Screaming Rooster is good, but it's not exactly "close" to Baptist Hospital. Best bets close by are:

        --Cloverdale Kitchen in the shopping center at the corner of Miller & Cloverdale. Mom & Pop type joint with very good food.
        --Mayberry on Miller St. for a cheap, good breakfast. I think the bacon, grits, & eggs special is around $2.99 or so.
        --Cagney's, also on the corner of Miller & Cloverdale.
        --Midtown Cafe, just around the corner on Stratford Rd.

        Other notable mentions (not necessarily close, but not too far away):
        --Ollie's Bakery on Marshall St.
        --Breakfast of Course on Trade St.
        --and of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention Krispy Kreme! Get 'em hot on Stratford Rd.

        Krispy Kreme
        2706 Watson Blvd Ste A, Warner Robins, GA 31093

        1. I would say for the basic breakfast the Cloverdale Kitchen is the best of the options mentioned, for a slightly more upscale environment and selections the Midtown Cafe would be the choice. Both are very close to your location.

          Cloverdale Kitchen
          2251 Cloverdale Ave, Winston Salem, NC 27103

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          1. re: picklelicious

            Yep, pickle is correct. The food is good at Cloverdale, but it's not much for atmosphere (mostly diner-type booths, but hey, that's my kinda place). Midtown has more atmosphere and is a bit more expensive, but it's also a good choice. I should also mention there is a Panera Bread in the same shopping center as Cloverdale, and a Hardee's down the street if you only have time for a quick breakfast biscuit.

            1. re: arbyunc

              Not familiar with Screaming Rooster, I'll locate it and give it a shot. Winston, much like everywhere else I travel or reside, doesn't offer a lot of creativity or wow factor with regards to breakfast. All things equal in WS, I'll go to Clemmons and take chances at the Cracker Barrel. Seems restaurants that serve breakfast keep things real safe and traditional, and the places that excel are the ones who can consistently, and simply, turn out a decent egg and stir their grits once in a while (not to mention get a decent char on fresh hash browns with proper seasoning). Very few restaurants seem to put much thought or creativity in their breakfast offerings.

              1. re: picklelicious

                I agree overall but Breakfast of Course on Trade Street is an exception to this rule. Try the Breakfast Burrito. I've also heard good things about the Screaming Rooster in the old Mary's of Course location and plan to try it soon.

                1. re: Bluemold

                  Recently went to Mary's of of Course and thought it was terrible. Food was poor, the restaurant is very loud, and the service was terrible. Ollie's, Sweet Potatoes, and Mozella's are pretty good.

                  Sweet Potatoes
                  529 N Trade St, Winston Salem, NC 27101

              2. re: arbyunc

                I think arbyunc's notable mentions are the ones I would go for. Ollies if you want coffee and pastry, Breakfast of Course for wider array of options All of these will be better than the diner options of cracker barrel, cloverdale kitchen(horrible biscuits that are supposedly homemade) etc. Given the ease of commuting in Winston I would view all as viable options

                screaming rooster appears to be in the old Mary of course location

                1. re: quazi

                  Totally agree on Ollies. Plus then you can pick up some snacks for later in the day.

                  1. re: quazi

                    quazi screaming rooster is in the old Mary of course location. They post their daily
                    specials on their website and their facebook page. Today they have pumpkin pancakes

              3. For breakfast in Winston, my vote for best value and good food with old time atmosphere is Cloverdale Kitchen. All the items are well prepared and tasty and while not gourmet, neither are the prices. It is the place I most often go for breakfast, for as one poster noted few places do an exceptional breakfast and I don't find them worth the price. Their breakfast special of two pancakes, an egg and side meat for around $5 is hard to beat. (I think it is definitely the best bet near Baptist.) Classic old school diner.

                Second would be Ollies. While I am not the fondest of the coffee, the baked goods are delicious and a good way to start the day.

                Midtown has variety and the sweet potato or cornmeal pancakes are interesting.

                Mary's, for me, is a little overpriced and although the menu is sometimes creative I don't always find it executed well. But, I am by far in the minority in this opinion from people I have spoken with.

                Cloverdale Kitchen
                2251 Cloverdale Ave, Winston Salem, NC 27103

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                1. re: foodsearcher

                  Another vote for Ollie's, which is a far better bakery than is typically found in a town the size of Winston. They also make a very good foccacia, if you are interested in that for lunch. Unlike foodsearcher, I actually like their coffee a lot. To put that in context, I find coffee from both Starbuck's and local roaster, Krankies, way over-roasted and I don't care for the burnt taste that over-roasting imparts.

                  Another place I like is the Lighthouse Grill. Whenever I go there for breakfast, I order the same thing: eggs scrambled with diced smoked VA ham. It is not what I consider a great breakfast place, but it is an institution and it does that one dish very very well.

                  The Lighthouse Grill
                  RR 1 Box 86B, Ray City, GA 31645

                  1. re: brentk

                    We enjoyed Breakfast Of Course on an icy morning. I thought the griddlecakes were particularly good and my wife enjoyed the hollandaise on her Benedict. Good coffee too. Unfortunately we'll have to be back for other visits so we'll have a chance to visit some of the other recommendations. Thanks Chowhounds.

                  2. re: foodsearcher

                    Man, I was eating pigs-in-blanket at Cloverdale Kitchen 35 years ago. It's nice to know they still gots it.

                    Did they ever remodel? I hope not.

                    Cloverdale Kitchen
                    2251 Cloverdale Ave, Winston Salem, NC 27103