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Jan 2, 2011 11:23 AM

Tampa- Tried Love's Artifacts brunch today

And enjoyed it! It was a great deal for what you get:

All you can eat (for $9.95):
French Toast
Fried Chicken
Steak (not sure what cut, but was tasty)
Collard Greens
Black Eyed Peas
Scrambled Eggs
Home Fries

And if you got the high roller package at $16.95, they include all you can drink Mimosas/Bloody Marys/Sangria. This is great comfort food, and would likely cure any hangover known to man haha.

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  1. Wish I had known, I would have joined you. That is if you had wanted any company.

    The offerings looks great for that price. Looking forward to it on some upcoming Sunday!

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    1. re: RibDog

      Ditto John, I look forward to hitting this place!
      Appears to be heaven on Earth...

      The 13 items Todd listed are all in my top 15!

      1. re: Mild Bill

        Haha always love hanging out with you guys, it wasn't planned, I was just trying to fix a hangover ;)

    2. Holy Carbfest, Batman! I could've used a high roller package this morning. lol Sounds awesome. Will try soon.

      1. You had me at eating Love's fried chicken for brunch.

        BTW, how late do they run the brunch menu down there?

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        1. I am so ecstatic about doing this tomorrow! I'm going to do the high roller package so the booze will give me food-eating super powers

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          1. re: austinjh

            I went last Sunday. For me, the fried chicken was the highlight. I will be eager to hear what you think.

            1. re: austinjh

              what's the consensus? Also CF- when I went the chicken was cold, and a bit dry, but I only had one piece and I might have gotten a bum boobie.

              1. re: askdrtodd


                I think this is the problem with a buffet: it's going to be different every time. When I was there the fried chicken was fried well, it was juicy, and it was still warm (none of those things were true at Ella's yesterday). The other items on the buffet were hit and miss. I don't hold it against Love's/Artifacts (what the hell is the name of this place?); that is the nature of buffets. I liked the place and I would go back for the buffet under the right circumstances. I look forward to going back for dinner to try those brisket sliders again and to get a plate of fried chicken cooked just for me. I am eager to hear Austin's response as well.

                1. re: CFishman

                  I pretty much agree. A lot of the items are very much standard breakfast buffet quality, but the fried chicken was really terrific. My friend said it probably has something to do with an extra-long, slow cooking time.

                  I think that what Lynn Love hopes to do with the brunch buffet is generate new regular customers and I'll definitely go back for the chicken and other items on the menu that seem to get a lot of attention from the kitchen.

                  1. re: CFishman

                    Oh, and Lynn brought out the chicken at regular intervals, so I was able to get pieces right out of the kitchen.

                    1. re: austinjh

                      Nice. I was hoping to catch some of that but no luck when I went. The service is what I really love about that place.

              2. The original comment has been removed