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Jan 2, 2011 10:20 AM

ATL airport

Staying near the airport this week-anything good and local close by?

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  1. If you like Southern home cooking, the restaurant at the Farmer's Market is excellent. Just minutes from the airport: I-285 to I-75 South, first or second exit (sign sez exit for Farmer's Market).

    Farmer's Market Cafe
    63 Chattahoochee St, Helen, GA 30545

    1. Grecian Gyro (really good Greek food)

      Grecian Gyro
      855 Virginia Ave, Atlanta, GA 30354

      1. We really like The Feed Store in College Park, but I believe they are now closed on Sat. and Sun. nights.

        The Feed Store
        3841 Main St., College, GA 30337