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ISO Andouille sausage

Trying to get my hands on some andouille sausage, my local Roche Bros doesn't seem to carry it (W. Roxbury), any clues?

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  1. I have gotten it at Market Basket before, good luck, good stuff

    1. I get it at Market Basket too. Do buy some so they keep carrying it.

      1. savenor's in Cambridge

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            I've been keeping my eye out for andouille at Russo's and have not seen any recently. I have seen it there in the past. It might be worth it to call before making a special trip there.

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              I saw some just a few days ago at Russo's, right next to the chorizo on the top shelf in the refrigerated meat case.

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                Thanks for the pointer. I have been out of town for about a week but the past several weeks before that I kept on coming up dry.

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                  Actually, I was at Russo's this AM and they were out of it. So it is best to call before going as you had suggested.

          2. John Dewars in Newton and Wellesley.

            1. Shaws/Star Market often has Bruce Aidells brand andouile. Saw it recently in Central Square

              1. I get it at Karl's Sausage Kitchen. They've never failed me yet.

                Karl's Sausage Kitchen
                142 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906

                1. Marty's in Newton usually has some frozen - I believe it's the product from The Smokehouse in Norwell.

                  Marty's Liquors
                  675 Washington St, Newton, MA 02458

                  1. WF in Framingham almost always has it; maybe some of the other locations do, too.

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                    1. S&S in Brigham Circle had Aidells hot andouile this morning.

                      1. There is a wholesaler in Roxbury that makes great Andouille. It's just called the Smokehouse. You could call them and see if they are in any stores. 617 298 6300. I'm not sure if they only sell to restaurants but worth a call--it's good stuff.

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                            This is what they carry at Savenor's.

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                              The Smokehouse has an outlet store on Rt 53 in Norwell, Ma.

                            2. How quickly do you want/need it? I prefer to get locally sourced andouille and other Cajun supplies (ditto for Mexican, southwest, and other culinary supplies) so I use Savoie's, which is available online.


                              It beats ANYTHING I've ever picked up in Mass., including Savenor's and Karl's.

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                                it's for a specific recipe my wife wants to make so no rush per se, so thanks for the tip!

                              2. Are trying to the real thing (as it is known in France) or the'dumbed down New Orleans US version?

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                                  The two versions are both real. That they are different reflects the differences in taste (and availability of ingredients) from region to region - in this case regions widely separated by geography and culture. To use a pejorative to refer to one of them just doesn't seem right to me.

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                                    Well, I believe the recipe my wife is looking to cook would be the 'dumb' one, however, as someone who loves food, I would love to try the French version, do you have a line on where I can get some? And also, is this THE Peter Wolf? As in J Geils Band? I had heard he was a CH'r....if so, very cool!

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                                      If you want a REALLY "dumbed-down" version, you can take a tip from my dyed-in-the-wool southern Louisiana mother. 30 years ago, when we moved to Massachusetts from Louisiana, andouille sausage was not nearly as easy to find as it is now. She always substituted Hillshire Farms Hotlinks in her recipes that called for andouille. It's not at all the same, but can work in a pinch.

                                      But now I find andouille at Roche Bros in Burlington.

                                  2. Hannafords in North Quincy had it last night.