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Jan 2, 2011 10:05 AM

Sweet Bytes Bakery (yes, Bakery!) Grand Opening

I just found out that Sweet Bytes Cafe is opening a bakery, not sure if its a seperate building or an addition to their current space on Main Street in Ambler. I am so excited, they have fabulous homemade cobblers and cupcakes, some of the best red velvet cupcakes I hever tasted. I am so excited! Grand Opening is January 22, I heard they are giving out free treats. Can't wait, we are desperate for a good bakery in the area!!!

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  1. Sweet Bytes is fantastic - their cupcakes are to die for, and I'm not usually a huge fan of cupcakes. Can't wait to support their new bakery endeavor!

    1. thanks for the news - always looking for a good bakery nearby!

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        I saw on these boards that there may be a bakery opening at the old gas station at the corner of Bethlehem and Butler in Ambler, I really hope that is true!

      2. Has anyone tried their cakes for a special occasion? How are their prices? I am looking for a place to get a baby shower cake near Ambler/Willow Grove. I am familiar with my old stand-by, Weinrichs.

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          I have only tried their cupcakes - fabulous taste but not very "pretty", more homemade looking than special occasion fancy. I can't speak for their cakes though.

          My new go-to place for special occasion cakes is Confection Perfection in Richboro, not very far from Ambler. Their chocolate rasberry cake with rasberry buttercream filling and chocolate ganache icing is to die for. Cover it with bright buttercream flowers and it is a goregeous cake, lots of wow factor. Very reasonable prices.

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