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Jan 2, 2011 09:33 AM

Where to Get Groceries in Kensington?

My family and I are about to move to Kensington (or there about). Where's the best place to shop for someone who likes to cook?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. hmm, i live in carroll gardens and sometimes go down to church ave in kensington to do my shopping. it depends on what you're looking for. I love the halal butchers on church (better cheaper lamb than around me) and the eastern european stores (great prepared foods and frozen dumplings and rye bread) there's also a mexican grocery and pretty substantial fruit and veg store. this is all on the stretch of church btw ocean parkway and mcdonald--not sure where you're going to be, but IMHO, that stretch of church is one of the better food shopping stretches in brooklyn—more than anything for the way you can almost literally shop the world. There are tons of bangladeshi groceries as well, but they are less useful to me as they generally don't carry the indian goods i'm looking for.

    If you want something more along the lines of a fairway, then you'll be less happy, as the grocery store there (forget which chain it is) is not that great. But Pomegranate, the kosher food store further down CIA, is supposed to be great. (haven't been there myself.)

    1. I drove down McDonald yesterday and there is a new or at least relatively new, larger sized, grocery near Ft Hamilton. I can't speak to it beyond its existence.

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        I agree with missmassala that ther e are lots of good international groceries on church - with halal meat and bengali fish sellers some russians, mexicans etc..I like Bangla nagar for yogurt (often have desi dahi brand) and indian type fruits and veg. Some of the stores are better than others - its not a wealthy community.. If you like Indian type milk sweets Im going to warn you to be selective at Kabir's - we have had some good items and others that were in poor condition with some mold..
        the large supermarket in Kensington is Foodtown. My friends who live in the nabe shop there. Ive not been in. depending on where you are and whether you have a car you can also go to the Brooklyn costco, Fairway, Eagle Provisions (latter on 5th at 18th)
        If you are close to Coney Island Ave, Eastern Market is a large store for a varied mixture of cuisines - indian, turkish and middle eastern,russian, etc - cheap produce but not always in wonderful condition - there is also a food coop on Cortelyou Rd. and Punjabi stores in the same area on CIA. Travel deeper into Brooklyn you come to Brooklyn Chinatown in sunset park and great Italian options for bread and other treats in Bensonhurst. (Coluccio's, Royal Crown Bakery, Lioni Latticini, etc) In between is the Borough Park community, largely Orthodox but with some Russian and Polish stores as well, can be explored down New Utrecht, etc.
        You should have lots of fun exploring. there is also bus/subway connections to Park Slope if you want to go in that direction for your shopping.

        Royal Crown Bakery
        6512 14th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219

        Eagle Provisions
        628 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

      2. On 4th and 18th avenue is an eastern European super market called Red or Big Apple.

        Shop rite on McDonald is the largest supermarket in the area.

        One CIA there are a few supermarkets. If you walk as far as Avenue J there are a number of kosher food stores, The Orchard fruit store is notable and expensive.

        On 13th avenue there are a number of kosher food stores.

        Cortelyou between CIA and Flatbush there are some places notably "The Market" cheese and bread store and The Flatbush food Coop and on Flatbush a Caribbean bakery I like for their bread. is an interesting delivery service.

        A large south Asian community means those spices are cheap and fresh.

        1. I can't wait to explore all these great options! Thank you.

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            where exactly will you live? do you have a car?
            We live on Ocean Parkway and Caton and drive to Fairway for our big grocery. But it defenetively will depend if you are closer to Ditmas (Cortelyou) or to Windsor Terrace, and how much walking you want to do. I find that there are wonderful stores for specific things/ethnic stuff, but the only spermarket that you can do a big shopping (foodtown) is SUPER expensive. So more info on where exactly you'll moveto would help ...

          2. Foodtown on McDonald has really cleaned up in the 13 years I've lived in Ditmas Park. It's very responsive to the neighborhood and stocks great variety. There's also the Food Coop on Cortelyou between Ruby and Marlborough. If you're a member there's a discount. On Sundays almost year-round there is a small but nice greenmarket. Jorge, of the farmers, runs a year-round CSA that includes vegetables, eggs, some chicken, honey and some fruits. Very neighborhood minded. Fairway of course is a short jump away. Enjoy the neighborhood.

            382 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218