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Jan 2, 2011 09:24 AM

French Restaurant Recommendation

Looking for a French restaurant to celebrate a birthday. did La grenouille last year and it was amazing. looking for the same kind of experience or better.

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  1. La Grenouille is in Manhattan. Are you looking for a similar experience in "New York State (Exc. New York City)"?

    1. If Westchester's your location for French this year, these are 2 wonderful places:

      La Panetiere --in Rye:

      La Cremaillere - in Bedford

      La Panetiere
      530 Milton Rd., Rye, NY 10580

      La Cremaillere Restaurant
      46 Bedford-Banksville Road, Bedford, NY 10506

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        1. Buffet de la Gare in Hastings on Hudson - small, beautiful place with great food.

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