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Great Caterers in Detroit/Ann Arbor Area

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Looking for caterer for a 100 person event in our area. If you've been to any events recently and thought highly of the food PLEASE drop a line.

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  1. Used to be involved in dinners for a picky donor crowd and often had the chance to observe Moveable Feast in Ann Arbor. Really struck me as competent people, and the food was always great. One caveat: this was several years ago, and since they closed their restaurants I haven't eaten their food.


    1. We had Holiday Market cater two jobs and I was very happy with them. One was a large party of the size you are looking for, at my home. The other they went over to Lake St. Clair and catered on a boat, so they are willing to make the trip. They can do large and small and handle both well. I couldn't complain about anything.
      If you're not familiar with Holiday, they have a store but also have a large catering department.

      1. Four years ago I used Bonnie's Kitchen (Bloomfield Hills) to cater (only the food) a small
        event. I was pleased with their food.

        Their deli/kitchen/restaurant is located in the strip mall on the SE corner of Maple & Telegraph.

        1. Look up the Canape Cart...lots of experience w/ really large events, and not-so-large. Lots of training outside the country so there are so many choices. Great service. Have known and used them for years --- work out of Ferndale.

          1. Park Place catering in Dearborn, MI is wonderful. I had my wedding at their hall and 7 years later people are still raving about the food, specifically the filet. They provide off-site catering as well.


            1. I've been to a number of events over the years catered by Matt Prentice and they have all been spectacular! He can easily work with different price ranges as well, which is nice.


                1. I've had a couple of recent exposures to Crank's. Do not know if they would take a job on the westside/Ann Arbor, tho.