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Jan 2, 2011 08:48 AM

Great Caterers in Detroit/Ann Arbor Area

Looking for caterer for a 100 person event in our area. If you've been to any events recently and thought highly of the food PLEASE drop a line.

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  1. Used to be involved in dinners for a picky donor crowd and often had the chance to observe Moveable Feast in Ann Arbor. Really struck me as competent people, and the food was always great. One caveat: this was several years ago, and since they closed their restaurants I haven't eaten their food.

    1. We had Holiday Market cater two jobs and I was very happy with them. One was a large party of the size you are looking for, at my home. The other they went over to Lake St. Clair and catered on a boat, so they are willing to make the trip. They can do large and small and handle both well. I couldn't complain about anything.
      If you're not familiar with Holiday, they have a store but also have a large catering department.

      1. Four years ago I used Bonnie's Kitchen (Bloomfield Hills) to cater (only the food) a small
        event. I was pleased with their food.

        Their deli/kitchen/restaurant is located in the strip mall on the SE corner of Maple & Telegraph.

        1. Look up the Canape Cart...lots of experience w/ really large events, and not-so-large. Lots of training outside the country so there are so many choices. Great service. Have known and used them for years --- work out of Ferndale.

          1. Park Place catering in Dearborn, MI is wonderful. I had my wedding at their hall and 7 years later people are still raving about the food, specifically the filet. They provide off-site catering as well.