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Jan 2, 2011 08:42 AM

The Longhorn in Edison

It's not glamorous--just your standard small town saloon with burgers, etc.,, but over the years, we have had really good oysters at the Longhorn in Edison. Grilled, fried, raw, in shooters--the chef (can you have a chef in a bar?) really knows how to cook (or not) them and they are impeccably fresh. Gourmet? Not in the standard sense, but if you want really good, fresh oysters in Skagit County, this is a good place for lunch! And the price is right!

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  1. Same goes for the Old Edison Inn just down the block. Great fried oysters, burgers and sweet potato fries (and shuffleboard!) Haven't had fresh oysters there, as we usually just buy those by the bag up the road at Taylor and take them home.

    1. I love the Old Edison Inn -- it's not super cheap eats but it's really good & a local favorite hangout. You can't go wrong with the fried oysters & sweet potato fries. For raw oysters, the shooters are pretty good but there are better places where you can get them shucked fresh. Also great place for live music and dancing on Sunday evenings, 6-9 pm or so. It has a great old-time roadhouse vibe that is getting harder and harder to find. The place has been in operation since the 1930s. I've never eaten at the Longhorn, but the music is definitely better at the Edison.

      Also there is a great bakery right across the street.

      1. Pao: IMO, the Longhorn is the *least* of the places in tiny Edison to eat. Old Edison Inn, Edison Cafe, Padilla Bay Bakery, even Slough Foods, all are better. A mile or so east is The Rhododendron, and a couple miles north of that is the Oyster Bar. Best bread in 2 counties at The Breadfarm. Considering the population, Edison is a Minimecca of food.

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          I agree, the Longhorn is mainly just a bar.

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            Hi, lordkoos: Yes, and a strange vibe there, too.

            There is a long and sordid tale about the place, which *used* to be the Edison Tavern (now Old Edison Inn). The landlord thought the Tav was making a killing, and that they could do better, so the Tav was forced out. It moved into the old grocery store at the south hairpin, and then there ensued a nasty legal battle over permits. They've been competitors ever since, although OEI is now under new ownership.

            Longhorn gets a lot of non-local business from the "Hell's Rotarian" biker crowd.