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Jan 2, 2011 08:25 AM

Goan Christian Food in Mumbai

I fondly recall eating at New Martins near the now- defunct Strand theatre in Colaba.

Also - City Kitchen in Ballard Estate used to do a banging job of dishing out Goan standards such as cafereal, sorpotel, vindaloo, Goan fish curry (with the thin gravy) and Beef Chili Fry.

How are they holding up ? I found these links - wondering how current they are.

Updates from 'hounds in Bombay much appreciated !

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  1. Both the restaurants are still there. City Kitchen is a bit tired now. But the food is the same. Martins has the same food and remains the same hole in the wall.
    It is hard to find good Goan Christian food in Mumbai otherwise. Goa Portugesa at Mahim has some but it is gimmicky and they rip you off often. I prefer these two places although they are not as fancy.

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      I happened to stumble on this show on Times TV in India on the web called The Foodie - hosted by Kunal Vijaykar.

      Some of the content is pretty juvenile, BUT a couple of the shows featured both New Martins and City Kitchen. Both places seemed to be thriving and I was very pleased !

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        City Kitchen is shut. Martins still going strong. The show is crap

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          Are there any good food shows you recommend being aired in India?

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            One of the better food shows is by Vir Sanghvi. I like some of the Anthony Bourdain ones on India.

            I am not sure Soul Fry or Viva Paschim do Goan Christian food. More of the Hindu style food. Goa Portuguesa does some but their food is not always authentic although a few dishes are very good.

            There is one fast food joint in Bandra which serves some Goan food, I think it is called Hearsch on Hill road.

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              Did Vir Sanghvi do more shows beyond the first season that he filmed for TLC?

              Also, did City Kitchen close recently? I haven't been there in a year, but if that's true then it is quite a shame that it did.

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                City Kitchen closed about 6 months back, I think. Martins is still open.

    2. Goa Portuguesa is one of the older ones, you can also try Soul Fry Casa which is a short walk from Kala Ghoda, Viva Paschim at Worli Naka too does Goan from what i remember. There is also a Cafe Goa in Bandra but no idea what they are like.

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        Overall City Kitchen and New Martin's are the best Goan you can get in Mumbai, aside from people's homes or a church festival. The 4 options mentioned above are quite decent but nothing that would shout to a true Goan-catholic. Goa Portuguesa is the more consistent of the 4.

      2. Snowflake at Dhobi Talao has been around for years but doesn't get the attention it deserves. It's the best Vindaloo in Mumbai and they do a brilliant Sorpotel as well. Very basic, but very very good.