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Jan 2, 2011 08:25 AM

Spot Dessert Bar Omakase - many thumbs up

after hearing about this place a bunch, I finally checked this out with an ever-morphing group of 5 (that became 8) and then 5, and then 3 . . . . but anyway, it was a great experience. the space is small (below Pho32 right on the main drag) with room for maybe 30; we waited 15 minutes on a weekday night and were able to sit down comfortably but be prepared for a wait just in case.

they have a chef special thing which is perfect for groups: choice of 4 of their desserts, plus 2 of the house special desserts (changes daily, no choice), a choice of 2 cookies/brownies, a choice of 2 cupcakes and a choice of 2 frozen desserts (ice cream/sorbet). cost is $50; their desserts range from $8 to $9 (eight choices at a time) so really; it's a great sampler and you cover all of their ground. Pacing was very good (serving two desserts at a time) and portions were . . . somewhat difficult to share so make sure you are eating with some close friends!

+ chocolate coconut cookie was a monster that was at least 65% chocolate. crazy
+ mint chocolate cookie was crisp/dry and quite good
+ apple mint mojito sorbet was fresh and clean
+ basil ice cream was sweet, delicious but had a very vegetal aftercase
+ cupcakes were vietnamese coffee caramel and something else but we couldn't eat them since they came at the end and we were so stuffed from the actual dessert so they ingeniously packed them in dixie cups for takeaway

on to the actual desserts; they ran out of their other chef special so we had a choice of 5 seasonal desserts ("tapas") plus their house special which was a molten chocolate cake with red bean topping/filling served with basil ice cream. in general, each plate is beautifully composed, not oversweet at all, with a lot of texture, color and great flavor. lots of room on each plate to push around and prepare composed bites; I really enjoyed eating these desserts; almost all were good but there were one or two standouts that I would return for, in a non-omakase setting.

+ sesame pear crisp (this was the best)
+ macoun apple tartin (a little burnt, but tasty)
+ milk chocolate hazelnut terrine
+ white miso semifreddo (cake was a little dry but very good)
+ yuzu eskimo (excellent cheesecake with some great accessories)

The sesame pear crisp was a supremely crispy thing, the white miso dessert was very good, and the cheesecake was a beautifully arranged dessert that you "wiped" across the plate to get a proper bite. Each plate had an ice cream on it, some kind of "soil" with lots of crunchy garnishes, and sprinkles and just, overall good texture. The house special molten cake was overcooked so it was not molten inside anymore but . . . . still tasty.

The place had a great smell so we definitely worked up our sweets appetite while waiting for a table; you could see fresh ingredients behind the clear displays where the pastry chefs were working; overall, a great experience. Check their website for descriptions and seasonal changes:

Spot Dessert Bar
13 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003

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  1. Thanks for the great report! I tend to veer on the savory side of things, but think along with Chikalicious, love how they fuse Asian elements into their desserts.

    I've never done the deal but have enjoyed almost everything I've tried especially the Soft Cheescake, Yuzu Eskimo and Ovaltine and Kabocha Roll while it was offered. Combined with a Thai Milk Coffee or Tea and its sure to satisfy any sugar fix.

    Do they still top everything with edible glitter? Not sure if they still do this, but every time I've gone they've had it...

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    1. re: TheDegustationAsian

      there were indeed sprinkles over a few of the desserts; yep! I'm not a sweets person either but enough of their desserts tip the line that I can eat there and not get that oversweet, I just ate a whole sundae feeling.