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Jan 2, 2011 07:41 AM

15 yr. old Birthday dinner in Lower Westchester

My daughter is turning 15 on Friday and we would like to take her to dinner. she has a limited repertoire of favorite foods and we would like it to be a special place but not overpriced.
Favorite foods are Lamb, Steak, Chicken parm. , any Asian food. What is the atmosphere at Yonkers Pepe's? We've been to New Haven which would not seem special . She LOVES pizza but does Pepe's in Yonkers also have other things? The online menu just showed pizza. If we did pizza(which would not be special unless the building was nicer)
Any meat restaurants that would seem special but not be steakhouse pricing? My husband and I have stopped upscale restaurant dining since 2001 and are now "down and dirty ethnic" restaurant go-ers. Would like to avoid the city but as far north as Katonah is fine too.

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  1. The Yonkers location of Frank Pepe's only had pizza and salad, nothing else. And there is no atmosphere. If you want the pizza, go. If you want atmosphere, don't go.

    What about a hibachi place? We like Noda in White Plains. Not cheap, but you get a lot of food and it's fairly good.

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      Thanks, Valerie. She goes to hibachi often with her friends so it wouldn't be "special" . good idea, though.
      This a tough request since our budget is not high and we want it to be somewhere that we/she doesn't go for any meal.

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        Could you give us some examples of where, you and daughter have eaten lately? That might be useful as a way to judge price, and avoid any repeats of people suggesting someplace you've already visited.

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          All hibachi's and Chinese in area. Isabella's in Tarrytown(she goes often with her grandparents) , All Greeks in westchester(she wouldn't be happy ) She's been to a few small places in Scarsdale(pricey but she goes with families) But when she's with us having a meal, it's really only in the city at Vietnamese, Sushi, Small cafe's , etc. Indian is hard for her because although she loves lamb, different places vary on their prep as far as seasoning and she doesn't like "heat" so that ruins it for her. I wouldn't be accommodating her ridiculousness on any other day, but for her bday, I'm going to be married to her favorites! I went online to the churisseac(sp) in Portchester and although she would have fun and like that, it's going to be 35++ per person and we can't possible eat all of that anyway. their meat looks like a match for her taste but the salads, etc, do not have anything she would enjoy so I hesitate. Is there a less costly churri place? that would be special and she hasn't been.

    2. Frankie and Fanucci's in Hartsdale is very cute inside and not your typical pizza joint. It would be very reasonable. It's a nice family place, but fun and feels a little more "grown up."

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        Also, Orissa in Dobbs is great and the interior is very nice & a little trendy. You did say she doesn't love spicy food, but this is really not true Indian, but Indian fusion, and I do not find their food has the same heat as a regular Indian place. They do have some meat/lamb entrees and the prices are not ridiculous.

        If you're open to lunch, I think that would make some other options available. For example, Tarry Lodge, which can get really pricey at dinnertime, has a fixed price lunch menu (forget what exactly it is, but it's fairly reasonable), or if you just did pizza and salad, it wouldn't be too bad at all. That definitely feels a little special too, even if you sit in the less formal bar area.

        Birdsall House in Peekskill is very unique for the area, and very cozy and cute inside.

        Oh, one more place. Does she like Thai? If so, I recently went to D Thai Kitchen in Thornwood, which is fairly new to the area. It's a little hard to find, but the interior is gorgeous and the service is wonderful. It also feels more special than a typical neighborhood place. Not the best Thai food I've ever had, but good.

        Orissa Restaurant
        14 Cedar St, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

      2. There's a brand new place in Purchase called Full Moon Trattoria that is supposed to be "Arthur Ave" style food. I have not been yet, but I know a few people who have been and they liked it. She could get Chick Parm there for sure. Maybe give them a call? Not sure about online menu.

        Full Moon Cafe
        38 Wells Ave, Yonkers, NY 10701

        1. If she loves Asian food, Umami in Croton is different and fun

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          1. If you want to do pizza, but a little more upscale, you could try Tarry Lodge. Although that might end up being a little pricey. If she likes lamb, what about a Greek restaurant? I was going to suggest a hibachi place, but saw your later post.

            Tarry Lodge
            18 Mill St, Port Chester, NY 10573

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              arrosto would do no? I second ice cream's recs & marges's as well. what about x2o for lunch if that's an option...