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Jan 2, 2011 05:48 AM

WS Le Creuset Cassoulet Set $119.99!

This was reduced from $200. The bowls are worth about $80+ considering what LC sells there other ones for. Such is the reasoning of a cookware junkie...LOL! That leaves the 4.5 qt. pot at less than $30, but what do you do with it? I have other LC I can use for a crust. Very little bottom area on this. It's cute, but anyone want to enable or dis enable?

What would you do with this strangely shaped pot? Would soup work? But then I have the standard ovens. Any ideas? I think it should go down more in price as no one else knows what to do with it either :-).

They also have the d5 LTD2 3 qt. saute pan with domed lid and handle mit for $89.99, and a 2.5 qt. doufue (can never spell this darn thing) for about $95 or $99. Why would you need better braising on something that small? Guess no one else knew either as it's marked down.

Have fun my fellow cookware junkies :-).

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  1. Blondelle, if you're hoping to break your addiction, I'll 'disable' -- it's a good deal, but it looks kind of funny to me (a bit space-ship like?) and it seems not very practical to cook in and clean. Not only is the bottom area tiny, but the sides also appear angular (as opposed to sloped/curved).

    Plus, think about how much your kitchen real estate is worth!

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    1. re: iyc_nyc

      I'm holding strong on this, don't worry! By the lack of replies, I don't think anyone else knows what to do with it either...LOL! It's not a good deal if you're not going to have a use for it. I like the bowls better than the pot!

      1. re: blondelle

        I saw this one at the outlet.. and admit I was very tempted too simply because it looked unique, but really couldn't think of anything I would make with it I couldn't do with what I already have.. so did manage to talk myself out of it.
        I liked the bowls too.. but really.. like iyc said.. I just don't have the real estate for it just because it was "neat".

        I need one of those HGTV kitchen/bath makeovers!

    2. I just caught this deal on the W-S website too and am ridiculously tempted. But the pot's the problem. It's registered as 4.5 quarts but looks a whole lot smaller. While the dishes are cute, the pot doesn't seem worth it to me even at the deal price. To pay local tax here (6%) and shipping/handling, the total rises to just shy of $150. Ugh.

      Problem is I want it too, even though it seems pretty useless except for presentation :-p

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      1. re: ProfessorBear

        WS now has free shipping all year at no cost once you purchase their shipping plan for $30. You can get anything else you want at no further shipping fee. Of course that makes you want to buy even more. You can go broke trying to save money...LOL!

      2. Apparently the wide top is intended to maximize the crust area, and important feature of a good cassoulet. Since it will be used in the oven instead of a stove top, the bottom area does not matter, so long as it is stable.

          1. re: grant.cook

            Blondelle, thanks for keeping us informed of these great deals - it's good of you to post them. One of these days I'll have the need (?) for an item and the cash at the same time!

          2. Looks like it's no longer available. I wasn't interested, but I did want to see what it looked like.

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            1. re: nofunlatte

              I bought it yesterday at WS in Tampa FL for 69.99. Not sure what to do with it but the 4 bowls themselves seemed worth the money. Went to Technique Class today and asked Chef about it. He advised me to use the cooking piece as ovenware since the bottom is so small in diameter. He said that it was suitable for any type of stew and to plan on cooking it n the oven for about twice as long as on the stovetop. I am fortunate to have a large kitchen with lots of storage and it is almost a piece of art so I was happy with the purchase at the discounted price. If I did not have the "real estate" I too would pass. It is definitely a limited piece.