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Jan 2, 2011 05:36 AM

one meal

5 of us are coming in for a weekend of music and fun.
staying at the loews.
eating at cochon friday night and making our way uptown to tips.
waking up at some point on saturday (staying at the loews)....where should the potential only meal of the day be....
needs to cure hangover and get us thru to another show at tips that night.

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  1. Take the the SC streetcar to the LGD just the other side of I 90 around MLK Boulevard and go S to Surrey's or to St. Charles Tavern. Either one will cure your hangover.

    Surrey's Restaurant and Juice Bar @ 1418 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 504 - 524 - 3828.

    St. Charles Tavern @ 1433 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 504 - 523 - 9823.

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    1. re: Littleman

      I always got a chili cheese omelette, home fries and a biscuit at SCT before going home after a big night.

    2. J'Anita's at The Rendon Inn

      Rendon Inn
      4501 Eve St, New Orleans, LA 70125

      1. There is a very nice little restaurant a block away from Tip's: Dick and Jenny's. They open at 5:30 pm. Btw, I hate to add to your hangover, but your hotel has a very good bar in the lobby: the Swizzle Stick. They chip their ice from a big block and make one of my favorite cocktails, the Whiskey Smash. If you are feeling lazy about seeking out your dinner, slouch over from the bar to the associated restaurant, Cafe Adelaide. It is owned and operated by the same branch of the Brennan family that has Commander's Palace, and it is reliably good.

        Cafe Adelaide
        300 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA 70130

        Dick & Jenny's
        4501 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70115