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Jan 2, 2011 05:34 AM

Advance reservations necessary in Buenos Aires??

My husband and I will be traveling to Buenos Aires for the first time in early February. We live in NYC and are used to having to book popular restaurants at least a month out. Does the same hold true for Buenos Aires? Below is a list of the restaurants we were considering. If anyone has any experience about whether to book in advance, we would greatly appreciate it. I tried already to email each of the ones with websites to make a ressie but haven't heard back....

La Cabrera
Pura Tierra
Don Julio
Astrid y Gaston
Resto (lunch)
Bobo (lunch)

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  1. Most places don't take reservations and if they do you can only reserve til about 9pm which is silly as most places you won't need a reservation at 9pm.

    Having said that, if your heart is set on going to a particular restaurant on a particular day or if you are going on a weekend, it won't hurt to reserve.

    Any time I go to La Cabrera I reserve at 9 because. This one is always full & there is almost always people waiting. We also did reserve for Bobo for a birthday dinner but it wasn't necessary in the end. Personally, I'd replace Cluny for Bobo. It's much better.

    It's very hit and miss with contracting place via email. Have your hotel reserve for you by phone.

    1. How did things work out in the end? Did you make reservations and how were your meals? Info on pricing on La Cabrera and Pura Tierra welcome, too!