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Jan 2, 2011 04:55 AM

Which AC Pan Should I buy in between 12" Fry Pan and 3 Qt. Saute?

I purchased a set of All Clad MC2 about 2 years ago.
I also had a few other pieces. So for now, I have:
3 Sauce Pans ranging from 1qt to 2.5 qts
1 French Skillet (i think it is 10")
10" Frying Pan
12" Frying Pan
2 Stock Pots
1 3qt Saute

I am in search of a pan with large diameter cooking surface for cooking chicken cutlets and the like, for a family of 4.

Any suggestions?
I was considering the 6qt saute and also saw some buffet type pans mentioned on the boards here.

Appreciate any advise!

I only recently discovered the joy of cooking in AC by regulating low heat in the pan to avoid sticking!
So many people I know have non-stick stuff; but it makes me nervous!

Thank you!

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  1. The best bang for your buck is the All-Clad stainless 13" covered French skillet. It also has a helper handle and the cover is useful. You can find it on sale for about $139.99. I know Bloomies has it. It's $189.999 not on sale but it's marked down every few months. The covered saute & simmer also is about 13" but you trade it being deeper for less bottom area as it's rounded on the bottom. It's a better all around pan as it does more things such a braising, simmering and stir fry. You can still get 4 chicken cutlets in there easily. See if the Williams Sonoma outlets still have them as it was $65 there a few months back. If not, that pan is only available in the stainless d5. I think it was $129.99 at WS.

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      Awesome recommendation! I just ordered the 13" covered french skillet for $99.99 from Metro Kitchen/Amazon! I love the French Skillet that I have and I am sure this one will be great too!

      Thank you!