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Which model Miele dishwasher -- or a Bosch?

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After months of a constantly broken Kenmore DW, hopeless Sears service and dishes now dirtier at the cycle's end than beginning, it's time to move on. Seems Miele get the most consistently strong reviews, and Bosch is often well-liked but some models tend to break down and cost a lot to repair.

If we go with the Miele, are those extra cycles on the more $ models really worth the big price jump? We tend to wash pretty much everything from glasses to pots to tupperware in the DW but I don't see doing a whole load of tupperware or glasses, which is the sort of thing the extra cycles seem designed for.


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  1. I've had a Miele over a year, it's nice and quiet. If you get Miele, I rec getting the model with the upper shallow rack for utensils (I really dislike the dishwashers with the square thing you stick utensils in). After I got it, I realized that your dishes have to be rinsed pretty clean before placing in machine because there is no connection with disposal. I don't know how Bosch works. Something to think about...

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      I have the least expensive Miele and I never rinse my dishes, they come out sparking clean every time. I have the upper rack for silverware and love it. I would never even think of getting another brand.

    2. We have the Miele Professional and we adore it. The main advantage of this model is that, like dishwashers you find in restaurants, it washes dishes amazingly quickly. In fact, on the express setting, it washes the first load in 12 minutes and subsequent loads in 8 minutes by using the rinse water from the previous load as the wash water for the next. If you entertain a lot, this makes clean up a breeze since the dishes are done so quickly. The only disadvantage to this model is the the configuration of the racks is somewhat weird, but in the 3 years that we have owned it, we've adapted. Our previous Miele had had the upper rack that walker mentions, but that is not available with the Professional model.

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        OK, that sounds crazy -- in a good way. Does it use extremely high heat? -- Can you wash plastics in it?

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          Yes, we wash plastic containers and such. What kind of plastic do you wash? It hasn't been a problem at all.

      2. we have the Miele with the upper flatware rack and love that feature. We have all the cycles but usually only use two of them ... like you we pack everything in at once. Our main criteria in choosing a dishwasher was noise level (our main floor is totally open concept) ... Miele really delivers on this score ...

        1. I'm on my 2nd MieleDW...the first lasted 20+ years, trouble-free...the second is now several years old, also trouble-free.

          I don't know the current models but I would decide which cycles I'd use & then get the model that has those "essentials" with the least amount of extraneous functions that would go unused.

          You can't beat Miele quality ... or service (if you ever need it). Seriously, worth every cent.

          1. My only Miele experience is my oven hood. LOVE it! But Bosch is working on technology that uses sonic waves to break up water accumulation. They have been since I redid my kitchen 2 years ago. If they have made it marketable by this time it is supposed to cut way back on the energy used for hot air drying and dry plastic much more effectively.

            Even though my dishwasher is only a couple years I intend to replace it when I know that Bosch is on the market.

            1. The Miele LaPerla is about the most quiet dishwasher that you can purchase and is incredibly efficient with multiple wash cycle options including plastics so you don't have to worry about warping that tupperware. It includes the third rack for cutlery. Would be a good primary or pair with the Miele Professional if you have that much to do.

              1. We have a 4+-year-old Miele and like it a lot! It does take some adjustment, as others have mentioned, to the drawer configuration, but we love the upper utensil shelf. Unlike some other dishwashers that we have used, there seem to be many good ways to arrange the dishes because the utensils are on a shelf of their own.

                Regarding which model to select, at the least I would recommend the model that has a time readout. I find it very helpful to know how much time remains in the cycle because I like to put the dishes away when they are done.

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                  That reminds me. I've never used a Miele or a Bosch but modern solid state dishwashers don't seem to allow partial cycles anymore.

                  I dearly miss being able to put my glass jars and lids on just an dry cycle to keep them ready to fill with hot jam or pickles or whatever in canning. If I found a dishwasher that still had that feature I'd sure consider it as a prime candidate.

                2. Thanks so much for all the replies! Nice to see yet another round of total confidence in the Miele. If anyone happens to be in the SF Bay Area, any recs on dealers? The Yelp reviews of local dealers aren't inspiring confidence, and I definitely want to be able to get service direct from Miele, not Sears/their service outlets.

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                    I got mine from BSC culinary on Mission St across from city building inspection department, between South Van Ness and Division. The easiest way to get there is go south on SVN, right on Division, right on Mission. I got the rec from here on CH.

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                      Thanks! Finally got over there. Service was really helpful and the range of DWs in store covered a good range of Mieles, too.

                  2. I have both a Miele and a Bosch in two different houses. I thought I absolutely LOVED the Bosch UNTIL I got the Miele La Perla. You literally have to put your ear to the thing to see if it is running! Since the house is one big room for living/kitchen/dining, that is a huge plus. Also, it gets the dishes cleaner than ever, even long-stemmed wineglasses. We actually use it mostly for glasses and silverware (love the top rack! gets things SO clean!), and use a Paykel dish drawer for plates which I don't like nearly as much, but, just for rinsed plates, it's fine.

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                      Thanks! I was all but set on the Optima but DH is set on the La Perla, so good to hear your recommendation :)

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                        The advantages of the La Perla over the Optima is not really " more cycles which I may never use."

                        It has an automatic load size sensor when combined with the turbidity sensor allows you clean partial loads just as efficiently as full loads. No need to feel guilt about wasting water or electricity with partial loads.

                        It has "Drying Plus" which automatically opens the door at the end of the cyle to let steam out. This helps in drying,particularly for plastics.

                        It has premium racks called "Highly Flexible Basket Configuration." Very German marketing lol, but they are nice.

                        La Perla also has RemoteVision. Register your La Perla online,provide your email address and choose to activate RV then at the first sign of a problem your La Perla alerts Miele HQ via wifi. Miele sends you a report via email alerting you to the problem,solutions, and if necessary possible appointment times for repair.

                        It is two ratings quieter than Optima. Q5 instead of Q3.

                        Plus that auto closing door is really cool!

                        1. re: DeeAgeaux

                          The door doesn't auto-close; it auto-opens with that motorized arm.

                          But after you've used a LaPerla once (especially in an open-concept environment), you'll poo-poo all other models.

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                            I guess it depends on you definition of "auto-close."

                            It does not go from horizontal to vertical automatically.

                            You push it against the latch. The latch grabs the door and finishes closing.

                            At least La Perla II does.

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                              Ah! I actually investigated: the auto-close latch has not yet made it to Canada, so we are still obligated to physically push our LaPerla doors shut.

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                                My condolences to our cousins in the Great White North:)