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Jan 1, 2011 06:35 PM

Farmers Market in Vegas - who's been?

I saw a mention of Farmers Mkt in Vegas in the calendar listings at

Who's been?

Tues at Gardens Park, 2-6pm, 10401 Garden Park Dr

Wed at Bruce Trent Park, 2-6pm, 1600 N. Rampart Blvd

Thurs at Henderon Events Plaza, 9a-4p, 200 S. Water St

Thurs for Molto Vegas; 11a-1p, 7485 Dean Martin Dr #106

Sat for Roadhouse, 9a-1p, 2100 N. Boulder Hwy

Sun at Sansone Park Place, 8:30a-1p, 9480 S. Eastern Ave.

FREE to enter

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  1. I've been to both the Wed. Rampart one, and to Molto on Thursday, and although Molto has better quality, most everything is considerably more expensive. In comparison to the farmers markets in the Bay Area (where I'm from), the Vegas markets are a real disappointment, both in quality, and in selection. I base this statement on multiple visits to each market, both in and out of season.

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      Sad, but Steve is largely correct. I've been to the Tuesday Garden's Park and the Molto Mario markets. While they are clamouring and friendly with eager vendors giving samples they are both small and, of course, pricey. I remember a thread on here a while back about pricing and expectations for farmers markets, can't find it. A lot of people think of the FMs as flea markets and expect the pricing to be in line with those (I know my mother does). I'm hoping that the markets here grow in size and popularity. I like them.