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Jan 1, 2011 06:02 PM

cara mia

has anyone tried this italian place on hillside ave?

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  1. I went there for an office party. Everyone seemed to enjoy their food, but I would not describe it as mind blowing or out of the ordinary Italian-American.

    1. Uh, yes. Their meatballs are to-die-for.

      1. I go there a few times a year because it's where a particular friend wants to go. Never had a bad meal there but also have never had a meal there really stands out.
        Decent food, good service and always packed.

        1. IMHO, a typical red-sauce neighborhood Italian that is worth going to if you happen to be around Hillside and Braddock Aves. The usual "parmigiana" dishes in the old-style green casseroles bring back fond memories of childhood Italian but you can do much better.