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Jan 1, 2011 05:01 PM

2011 Update on the Best in Naples?

Reading the various posts on Naples since 2009 makes me realize that a recommendation last year can be a complete waste of time and money this year.
It's getting harder to see any consistently popular mid to upper range restaurants. It can't just be a matter of different opinions, but seems to be the more likely result of inconsistency, kitchen staff changes, service staff turnover, etc, from one winter season to the next.

A recent example: twice in 2010 we've enjoyed a couple of really excellent meals at the bar at Capitol Grille in the Mercato, but a recent visit in early December made me wonder if the corporate owners (Red Lobster) had substituted kitchens. Completely different meal with the same order as two months earlier! Yet friends who were there last week loved it. Go figure.

So.......... can anyone please give me their RECENT list of the Consistently Good Best Choices for 2011 in Naples and Collier County?

Best to all for a good year in 2011!

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  1. have eaten many times (well at least 10) at CG and find it extremely consistent. but i think if you want "authenticity" and consistency (and the best steak in town) got to Preston's.

    1. I ate at CG last night and found it as good and consistent as always. Good caesar salad, great fries and lobster mac, and of course a perfectly cooked Kona crusted NY. A good starter was the Stoli Doli, fresh pineapple infused vodka. I love Preston's for their food, but the wine list is weak and they charge an exorbitant corkage, plus the ambience is nil.

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        does anyone know that Bricktops does not charge a corkage? even for more than one bottle.

        and this is my "go-to" rest for lunch and dinner if i want good food and service but not CG prices.

        Bricktop's Restaurant
        5555 Tamiami Trl N Ste 18, Naples, FL 34108