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Jan 1, 2011 04:57 PM

Care Package for New Mom

My SIL is due this month, and in addition to the gifts I've already sent for the baby, I'd like to send her a care package once the baby is born. She's having a home birth and will be breastfeeding, so she won't have much time to cook. I was thinking of sending some banana bread, two or three types of cookies and some granola/ trail mix type snack, but I'm looking for additional things that aren't too junky, and are easy to eat for a busy mom, as well as being good for shipping. Any suggestions would be most helpful! :)

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    1. You are so thoughtul! How about a mixed bean soup mix? Some low or no-caffeine green tea? And some gift certificates to decent take out places?

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        Oh yes... the gift certificates are a great suggestion. When I had both my babies I had a good friend get me a meal right afterward - both times it was a great pasta dish from a local restaurant with lots of meat and vegetable and I swear it was the best food I'd ever tasted. When a friend of mine was due a while back we sent her a gift certificate for a fantastic pizza place close to them. It was greatly appreciated and they were able to get several meals that first week out of it.

      2. Nice gift! When I was breastfeeding I wanted lots of protein. My first thought is various roasted nuts, pumpkin seeds, etc., although you can work those into banana bread and trail mix. I used to crave hummus when I was breastfeeding, but that might be too perishable for shipping. What about a good quality summer sausage or dry salami, and some crackers or flat breads to go with?

        1. Great subject! I am up in the middle of the night breastfeeding my 11 day old! I think your idea of granola is great. I often need a quick snack after middle of the night feedings and i've been going through some fruit and nut p packed granola as a great quick energy source.

          I am also thirsty all the time! If your sil likes tea, that's a great idea. Or maybe homemade hot chocolate mix if is cold where she is. With my first baby I also had a friend send me some trashy magazines (people, star, etc) which was kind of good as something to do during the h hours spent nursing. Now I have a smartphone, thank goodness, so I can surf the web, but I thought that was very thoughtful as well.

          1. What about some gifts in a jar? Even though she won't have much time (or energy) for cooking, a nice split pea soup mix, or veggie chili in a jar might be just the trick, no measuring except the water, even hubby could do that!