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Jan 1, 2011 03:32 PM

1995 Opus One/Pairing

My mom brought over a bottle of wine for a Christmas brunch, and said she thought it was probably pretty good. 1995 Opus One. I tried to give it back four times, and she insisted that we enjoy it.

Six of us--five drinkers, with the other couples pretty expert with wine--will be eating and drinking next Saturday. I'm cooking. The Opus will only go so far, of course. I was leaning toward short ribs, as they can't be overcooked and are stress free at the last minute. Other suggestions, as to main course, other courses and other wines.

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  1. Yes, this is a really nice wine. I usually decant any these 1990's about 3 hours before dinner, or double decant (+heavy splash) an hour and a half before dinner. I like it with grilled beef, burgers, steak and potato, more simple food to let the nice plum come through. If you want the dinner to be about the wine- then let it be about the wine!

    If you have another younger cali cab (like BV, Silver Oaks, Heitz, or Phelps) that would be a nice way to extend the wine through dinner (since the Opus will be gone at first pour) as you have 6 people -and it would be fun to discuss the differences and those wines won't taste like crap after the Opus. Or choose an Italian wine for a more dramatic change of pace when the Opus is gone.

    I would suggest you serve something light and bright with apps before (but not another cab). That way your Opus will really shine as the star of the evening. I like having such a "shocking" change of pace when letting friends enjoy a wine they may not have had before. It's not so much"traditional" but it's more fun.

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      Recently, enjoyed a magnum of the '95...lovely, it will not disappoint....