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Jan 1, 2011 03:23 PM

Quick: Lunch place- requirements

My father has suggested lunch tomorrow...
His girlfriend suggests 'Something light'
My father suggests 'Nothing downtown or uptown, moderately priced, with parking and not too terribly busy'- he wants ease of access and directions. He is 70 yrs old and doesnt enjoy traffic or action much.

If i am going out to eat, i want something decent, however I only know the inner twin cities, not the edges. Last time we went to Tavern on France, and that worked out well, no complaints from the peanut gallery. Anyone have suggestions off the top of their head?

(He lives in apply valley, i live south mpls), thanks much, i know this is last minute...

Tavern on France
6740 France Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

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  1. Pardon My French in Eagan.

    Buon Giorno Market in Lilydale.

    Porter Creek Hardwood Grill in Burnsville.

    1. Purple Sandpiper in Bloomington.

      1. Axel's in Mendota Heights. Prices seem comparable to Tavern on France. Salads are excellent, as are the soups. And you can never go wrong with their signature dish, Walleye.