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Jan 1, 2011 02:17 PM

Best fish tacos in Chicago area?

Looking for recommendations of best fish tacos in the Chicago area. Please include descriptions of type of fish and how it is prepared. Thanks for the help.

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  1. I really like the ones at Garcia's on Western. They are grilled tilapia (I'm pretty sure it's tilapia). They serve them with your choice of corn or flour, and come with a guacamole and mayo on the side.
    I love that the fish is not breaded or fried.

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    1. re: blue_blanket

      Thank you for the recommendation.

      I had excellent fish tacos in Cozumel in 1995-96. They were were either lightly saut├ęd (no batter) or a room-temperature ceviche. Never had anything like them since, and the most batter-based fried ones are an abomination.

    2. Big & Little's has great fish tacos (939 N Orleans)

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      1. re: Tim N

        I second the recommendation of Big & Little's for fish tacos. They grill a large piece of mahi-mahii and then squirt some home-made spicy mayonnaise type sauce on it and serve it over shredded cabbage/greens. It's great. They also do fried fish tacos - specifically soft shell crab and catfish. Beware - cash only, limited seating and no air conditioning (not a problem now but last summer - Whew!)

      2. Burrito House on Lincoln just south of Addison. Fish is tilapia and it's prepared by a Mexican guy behind the counter.

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          That might be the funniest description of a "food preparation" I've ever heard!

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            Hate to recomend an "american" place, but the Oyster Bar at Shaw's makes a great blackened fish taco.

        2. Feast in Bucktown serves up some of the best blackened (not breaded) fish tacos, seriously good! I recall having decent fish tacos at Los Nopales.

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