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Good pho in Broad Street Market, Harrisburg

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The Golden Gate, a Vietnamese stall in the market, has excellent pho: beef, chicken, shrimp, tofu or a combination. I had the "regular size beef and shrimp noodle soup" for $5.95, which came in a large bowl: great broth, good meat, lots of rice noodles, with cilantro leaves, lime, beanspouts, Sriracha hot sauce and hoisin on the side. This and a minty shrimp summer roll made a great lunch. The place is packed at weekday lunchtimes, and I can see why, given the quality and value.

Anyone else been there?

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  1. It's pretty good! Their Korean food is not bad either. Unfortunately, they used to make their dumplings made to order, now they seem to hang out under a heat lamp.
    I think Rose's might be the best Vietnamese in the area.