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Goldschlager, anyone?

Received a bottle as a Christmas present, and frankly the mere thought of drinking it solo makes me want to hurl. Any cocktail recipes that will make it at least somewhat palatable?

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    1. I like it in warm cider, not wonderous, but not bad either.

      1. I agree with Evergreen Dan, regift!

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          Maybe to someone I secretly loathe.

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            but then it won't be a secret. lol

        2. I had a cocktail that was called a Tensation that used Goldschlager.The approximate recipe was 2 oz Gin(the restaurant used Tanqueray 10),1/2 to 3/4 oz Pomegranate Molasses(could try with Pomegranate juice or grenadine instead),3/4 oz fesh lemon juice and 1/4 oz or so of Goldschlager.It was a very nice drink and the Goldschlager gave it a nice cinnamon flavor.Although at 1/4 oz a drink it will take years to go through your bottle.It's also not bad with Bourbon and Apple cider,either warm or as a cocktail.It can be useful in small amounts in mixed drinks.Especially this time of year.

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              pomegranate molasses can be found on amazon or middle eastern grocery stores (i happened to have some for a semifreddo i made) - pretty good stuff for cooking with...if i ever get unlucky enough to get goldschlager i would give it a try :)

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                The pomegranate molasses that I bought at a middle eastern store is quite sour. I use it as an acid, rather than as a sweetener like Grenadine or even pomegranate juice. It also make a nice garnish on a rocks drink.

            2. It makes an acceptable substitute for Drano in a pinch........

              1. Hehe. I actually kind of like it, the same way I sometimes like my mouth burning from hot peppers.

                1. I really like it in two things. 1) hot chocolate and 2) sweet potatoes :)

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                    Sweet potatoes, huh? Never would have thought of that! (I'm assuming you mean MASHED sweet potatoes.)

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                      Yes or roasted, the type of dish where you would use "brown sugar & cinnamon" -or in a sweet and spicy preparation using chili powder, cinnamon and honey.

                      I often cook with booze that is highly flavored and I have tired of it as a cocktail.

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                        So, sedimental (great name, btw. Geologist? Vintner?), what's your recipe for using up Parfait Amour? ;-) Grape jello is the only thing I can think of.

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                          Wine collector :)
                          I have never purchased Parfait Amour (isn't it purple?), but orange flavored liqueurs are pretty easy to incorporate into all kinds of things. Curacao is more difficult due to the color too- but I use it in Sangria instead of Triple Sec and you don't notice the blue. Maybe it would work for Sangria? Just have a few fun "mexican" night meals and your bottle will be gone! Or maybe a berry desert with ice cream or whipped cream? Booze and berries always go together :)

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                            Very true, Sedimental. Sauteed fresh blueberries in Bombay Gin (and a little sugar) the other night and served over Ben & Jerry's vanilla. 'Twas dee-vine.

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