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Jan 1, 2011 10:33 AM

Knife returns...

I posted a few days ago about the Mundial knives my father bought me for Christmas. Since they're my first personal knives and I'm not quite sure what I specifically desire in a chef's knife, I figure I would keep a less-expensive set for now so I can make a more informed--perhaps pricier--purchase in the next five years or so.

But! After some research and reading the responses on my last post, I think I would rather trade my set of three paring knives, a boning knife, and the 8" wide chef's knife (all Mundial) for a Victorinox 8" chef's knife and another set of paring knives.

But! I've removed the 8" knife from its package and I have tested it out on some minor jobs--cabbage, garlic, cilantro... I think that's really all. I could easily put the knife back into the packaging it came in.

Can I still return this knife? Is this unethical... or is lightly testing a knife and then returning it a pretty common practice?

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  1. I have never worked retail, so I don't know their thoughts on this. I recently bought an FM transmitter for use with an iPod. It didn't work well enough for me. The clerk said it was the second one returned so far for that reason. I don't see a problem with returning the knife. 

    (On the other hand, I once had a girlfriend who returned a dress after wearing it to a wedding, not cool. I even offered to buy it for her).

    1. Sounds like you lightly tested it on some veggies, so very little wear to it . I am sure there are worse "test runs" on all sorts of products other people are guilty of. I highly recommend the Vic 8". I love mine but be sure to get the blade safe, as it is a very sharp knife. I got both from Amazon for $35.