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Jan 1, 2011 09:22 AM

Leftover wonton wrappers

I've got about 2/3s of a package of premade wonton wrappers that I'd purchased in the refrigerator case from the grocery store left over. Questions: (a) Can they be frozen? (b) The label suggests that they can be used to make ravioli. Does anyone recommend this use? I would think that the flavors would be different, but if anyone has had success using wonton wrappers for ravioli I'd be interested. (c) Any other suggested uses or recipes? (I used 1/3 of the package to make the Bittman Shrimp Shu Mei recipe that was in the NYT about 1 month ago. Turned out well but might like to use the rest for something else.) Thanks.

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  1. I can answer your first question; yep, you can freeze them, no problem. Just wrap them well, they'll be fine.

    1. The obvious "other uses" would be to wontons which can be frozen.
      As for ravioli yes you can use then for that but they are not very much like Italian style pasta so they lend themselves better to less Ital-centric sauces and fillings .

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        or any kind of asian-inspired dumpling filling. make them, lay them on a cookie sheet to freeze and then pop them in a ziploc, pulling out a few each time to steam, fry or add to soups.

        i find freezing just the skins makes them brittle when thawed.

      2. You don't have to stick to savory recipes - try chocolate wontons - they're yummy. Here's one recipe I found:

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          Oh, yeah - I've filled wonton wrappers with Nutella, fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Incredibly decadent and delicious, a rare treat!

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            i came here just to say this! you read my mind. nutella really in any receptacle is a good idea.... wonton wrapper, crepe, spoon... whatever.

          2. re: boredough

            Similar riff we enjoyed yesterday morning was nutella & pears, nutella and apricots wrapped in wontons and quick fried.

            Same as Matts mentioned, use small cupcake tins lined with wrappers to make a baked egg. Wontons crisp up and hold the egg nicely. Or just premake the wrappers baked in the tin to hold other mixtures. Spinach, lox, stir fried veggies.

            You could always make a batch of fried noodles for soup!

          3. Yes, they can definitely be frozen. Just separate them into portions you estimate you'll use at one time & snugly wrap each bunch in cling-wrap, put the the bunches into a ziploc bag, & freeze.

            As far as using for raviolis, a resounding YES!! I've filled them with everything under the sun - a goat cheese, basil, & sundried tomato filling was a big hit. Just remember to seal the edges securely with an egg wash & that since these will be FRESH ravioli, they'll only take a minute or two to cook. These are lots of fun & very economical to experiment with different fillings.

            Another fun use? Asian steamed dumplings, potstickers, etc., etc. Again - lots & lots of fun experimenting with different fillings & shapes.

            1. Thanks for all the tips!!!