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Jan 1, 2011 08:39 AM

Longo's take-home food

I just bought a rotisseries chicken from Longo's on Bloor, and I can genuniely say it's the best chicken I've had from a supermarket. The meat was tender but firm, and the chicken wasn't oversalted like most.
I'm quite impressed by the prepared foods at Longo's. It seems healthy and fresh. They also have specials where you can get a main like salmon steak plus 2 sides for $6 to $8.

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  1. The Longo's at Bloor/Yonge is in my hood and has been a welcome quick fix for dinner since it opened. I've wanted to check out the rotisserie chicken so thank you for the heads up. The Indian offerings are much better than one would expect from a supermarket and are a fave. The butter chicken and the beef dish are super good.

    On the low end the chicken breasts have a really gross, spongy texture to them. The pizzas are also pretty good when on sale but overpriced at the regular $7.

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      I've bought ready-to-eat lasagna where you stick in the microwave for 5 minutes as well, and it was awesome. Tasted quite fresh too... not like it's a week old. The sauce was amazing. I believe I bought a large portion for about $8 or 9 ... fed 2 people.

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        I love their chicken lasagna...great take home dish

    2. Just want to add that they do a roast chicken special every Wednesday evening (4 - 8pm) for $6.99. Love it.

      Oh.... and tonight is Wednesday. Nice.

      1. I'm a full convert on the rotisserie chicken, best I've ever had and the price on the special is great. Two of us can get at least a couple of meals out of the $7 bird. There was a bit of a wait for this on the night of the special but well worth it. The chicken went from the oven, to the container and then handed right to me still sizzling.

        They also sell amazing meat pies. The chicken pie and the steak and mushroom are some of the best I've had anywhere. Much better than similar products bought from Cumbrae's and Pusateri's They used to have a Rosedale Farms sticker on them but recently were in a generic package but still the same product. The quality of the meat is stellar and everything melts in your mouth. Comfort food greatness!

        1. Longo's up in Richmond Hill have wood fire oven and their pizzas are great!

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            Living at Yonge and Eglington, I have not shopped at Longo's that much, the chickens sound good, is their product selection pretty consistent across the chain.