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Jan 1, 2011 08:01 AM

What are you cooking for New Year's Day?

Any traditions? My dad always made Oyster Stew on New Year's Day while my mom made pototato soup.

This year I've got a new recipe for chuck in the crockpot with au jus for sandwiches later today in toasted buns with carmelized onions.

So what do you cook on New Year's Day?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Ham and beans for good luck. Specifically, a ham bone and diced up leftover ham cooked with great northern beans, a little onion and celery leaves. I always serve with cornbread ( jiffy mix, 'cause that's what my mom did).

      1. Our New Year's Day tradition for many years now has been French Cassoulet, which uses up the last remains of the Xmas roast goose. Soaked the beans overnight, & in a little while will start cooking them & then putting the whole lovely shebang together. Can't wait!!

        1. I made joan Nathan's Alsatian pear kugel. I t was amazing, way more than the sum of its parts. We had a raw kale and black olive salad, sausages and onions, and blood oranges just sliced .
          everything was beautiful and delicious.

          1. After all the meat, cream, butter and eggs, we're going for a vegetarian marinara sauce with red peppers, mushrooms and maybe a little pepper flakes for heat.