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Jan 1, 2011 07:28 AM

Piccolo's Trattoria in Hopewell. Best in the area?

Had dinner there last night. Last minute decision to go out, but scored a 6:30 res only hours earlier. They had the typical, overpriced specials, but regular menu as well. From the regular menu, I got the littlenecks w/ pancetta, garlic, and white wine, followed by veal saltimbocca. My teen son and gal both opted for the rigatoni ala vodka, preceeded by apps of fried calamari and crabcakes. It was good of them to bring the excellent calamari first, so we could share. Then the clams and crabcakes. Our server was as green as it gets, but she really was trying. In many visits in the last five years, I've never seen the same floorperson twice. We brought an excellent Cava. They did have a wine bucket, and also brought focaccia style rolls when we sat. The included salads (w/ great balsamic dressing on all three) are always nicely done with care. Entrees were great, and the pasta lovers got to take half of theirs home for the next day. My veal was a perfect portion, with some cappelini under it. No dessert, just one cappuccino. $94.50. I did leave 20% tip for the effort. I think for the quality and price point, it's the best around. Outdoor seating in the summer, and the BYOB factor, ice the cake. Happy New Year to all!!!

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  1. My best friend and I have always had very good food there, but we've decided that the creamier/cheesier items on the menu tend to be outrageously rich. A lot of people would be very pleased by that, so this is definitely personal preference. But we've found that Padrino's in Hamilton is more to our liking in that respect. We can indulge without feeling like we've totally fallen off the wagon:) LOVE eating on Piccola's patio in summer though!

    1. I hear them advertise on WPST all the time, but we still have not visited here yet. For me, my favorite Italian place in the area is still Coltello in Crosswicks. Absolutely love their food! -mJ