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Jan 1, 2011 07:19 AM

Little Fish is back, better than ever

Four of us had a great new years eve dinner last night at Little Fish. They were serving a prix fixe menu for two seatings for last night. Real opening this Thursday. Full review here:

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  1. Wonderful news, thanks JanR. I may have to work on getting a reservation soon...

    1. this makes me happy :) thanks for letting us know!!!

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      1. re: rabidog

        I going to make a reservation but their current phone number is out of service. Any one have the new phone number?

        1. re: phillyjules

          Call Fish. They gave it to me the other day but now I can't find it.

          1. re: pat j

            Found it...267 455 0172. But they said call Fish if you can't get through.

      2. This is great news. Mike is an incredible chef. He's a scallop genius. When's Fathom to open?

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        1. re: Tasty Duck

          is it just me, or is there no other current fathom discussion on this board? i went a week ago. unfortunately my dear friend snapped up the check before i even had a chance to glance at it, so i can't comment on value, but i will certainly vouch for fathom's deliciousness. we cozied up to the bar early, around 5pm. early is a must, because on a wednesday it was packed to the gills -so to speak- by 6:15! i ordered a beer flight to start... and ended up sticking with the beer flights nearly all night. there are some delicious brews on tap and i wanted to try them all. bengali IPA something or another? never heard of it. it's awesome. the hops made my mouth water for FOOD. we ordered a few rounds of oysters. i am no oyster connoisseur though after multiple recent trips to new england i'm working my way there... the bartender was pimping the west coast oysters pretty heavily so against my better judgment (i usually prefer east coast) we ordered an assortment of both coasts. the CT ones were by FAR the best, followed by NY... i didn't love either of the west coast oysters. also tried a couple of raw clams - didn't love, but i'm not a huge clam fan to begin with. the mignonette accompaniment is perfect. when i didn't finish it with the oysters themselves, i'll admit (only to fellow chowhounders...) that i took the shot thimble of sauce and sipped at it til it was gone. :) the mussels were absolutely heavenly, in a thai-like lemongrass-coconut milk (i think) sauce. i mentioned to the bartender it seemed like a shame to waste so much absolutely delicious sauce when the mussels were gone. i would have been in heaven with a bowl of jasmine rice to plop into the sauce once the mussels were finished. just my two cents. he did offer to let me drink the bowl, and said he'd mention the rice thing to the chef. ever the lady (HA!), i regretfully declined the bowl-lapping offer. the crab fries were real crab fries (like, with real crab not just old bay seasoning, how novel!). honestly i think there was another dish ordered and eaten, but four beer flights in at that point my memory totally fails me. anyway, that's my fathom experience - and i'm certainly going to try my best to find room in my paycheck to visit again this week. i'm also going to add that i'm entirely jealous of all the fishtown goings-on, from the north-western end of northern liberties. :( all we have to brag about recently is sahara, the new indian take-out.

          1. re: rabidog

            Thanks for the review. I've been wanting to get there. I can't until a weekend and I guess the crowd will be even bigger. Are there tables you can reserve?

            1. re: JanR

              not as far as i could tell. very casual pub, only a few tables. IMO the best spot is the bar, but be forewarned it will get packed. really getting there very early is the best advice i have. or very late. we actually got there very early AND stayed very late!

              1. re: rabidog

                rabidog, thanks for your post/review and reminder about Fathom! I had been reading about it before it opened, and then promptly forgot about it! We stopped by for a 1:45-ish lunch on Saturday, and were able to get a table by the window. Three of us split a dozen oysters (3 of each of the four kinds they had), love me some kumamotos, but the other West Coast was brinier and fantastic!
                Also had some of the cooked/peeled shrimp... they were fantastic. Huge, great texture and flavor. I had the salmon burger and while it was a pretty small serving (and no accompaniments) for $13, it was pretty fantastic. Very little "filler" in the burger, and dressed with baby arugula and a maple mustard that was great.

                Great beers on tap, fantastic service, I was really happy with lunch. It's not a huge place though, so I'm guessing that weekend lunches will continue to be a good time to get a table in there.

                1. re: urbanfabric

                  I visited Fathom for only some raw oysters and a beer a few weeks ago, but the lingering memory of the trip is that when I asked about the Dogfish "Raison d'Etre", the bartender told me it translated to "Death by raisin". ...

        2. Was really happy to return to the new-old Little Fish last night for a Sunday pre-fixe. They are on open table now, so finding a reservation is a little bit easier than it had been previously.

          The new space isn't as, uh, cozy, as the last one, so you get a little respite from the heat of the kitchen. And the bathroom is exponentially larger, except that it has a slanted side wall, so it's a bit awkward to wash your hands!

          While we've done the Sunday pre-fixe in the past, this one felt much more elegant and inventive. The five courses were: salad greens w/pecorino cheese and a lemon dressing, scallop w/bacon in a green gazpacho, salmon with charred red onions and pumpernickel (the star dish of the night to me, salmon was just barely grilled and dressed with the onions and pumpernickel crumbs), halibut with truffle hollandaise, asparagus and fava beans. Dessert was a coffee cake with blueberry ice cream.

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          1. re: urbanfabric

            I agree on the Sunday pre-fixe. Their young sous chef is really evolving. Very inventive and well executed fare.

            1. re: JanR

              We had dinner at Little Fish on Saturday. A great experience. Highlights: scallops appetizer, and especially the skate main. The skate was, in particular, among our top 3 or 5 fish mains ever. The one weak dish was an underseasoned rock shrimp appetizer. Overall, a wonderful meal. We'd be regulars if we lived in Philly.