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Jan 1, 2011 07:04 AM

unfriendly service leaves bad taste in Ambler

Last night we had an odd and unpleasant experience at Saffron in Ambler. The food was okay--a not so good potato dosa, but decent tandoor chicken and a very nice vegetable dish. After dishes were removed from the table and we were offered desserts, I asked if they would remove bits of food that had fallen to the tablecloth, thinking that they'd overlooked this. But they essentially refused! Ordinarily this would happen, without a patron asking for it, in most restaurants. I ended up asking for an extra napkin and cleaning it myself. I won't go back. Despite convenient location, decent food, low prices--it was unpleasant. (They also requested that we pick up our knives and forks and hold them while they changed plates--but I've encountered that before, so I wasn't too surprised: often it's finer and more expensive restaurants that include fresh cutlery in the service.)

It seemed like the owner or manager thought I was asking for something that was beneath him rather than normal. It wasn't a huge mess--just a few crumbs of food, and a stray pea. Bring your own scraper.

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  1. wow, that's your criteria for unfriendly service? Unless I'm paying high dollar for a meal I do not expect them to clean up the crumbs, etc unless it's really messy.

    1. Scraper service at an inexpensive Indian or Asian restaurant? Never heard of it. When I or my tablemates have been really messy, the waiter will change the tablecloth for us, if asked. Of course, that's really my fault for being so messy.

      1. wow....We are FREQUENT visitors to Saffron in Ambler and have never had anything but WONDERFUL service....and GREAT FOOD!!! Sorry...can't agree with you or the review on any area....hope you are not too hasty in your decision about not returning!!!

        1. Sounds like you are more used to fine dining type restaurants. While the service you expected is certainly standard at a fine dining restaurant, and I would have had the same reaction to the service you got at such a place, I have never experience, nor would expect, that kind of service at a place like Saffron. While it would be nice, you just can't expect high-dollar service at a casual place. Sorry it turned you off so much.

          1. This comment is VERY unusual! We frequent Saffron and have never had anything but very friendly and considerate interactions with the entire staff and the manager is also very responsive, more than polite and considerate! What was your demeanor when asking for this service??? It is just very hard to believe there were not extenuating circumstances or something more than just a poor attitude by Saffron. Never had heard of anything like this before. Perhaps as you noted you should not return, bad Karma!