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America's Test Kitchen Radio

Just heard a promo for this new show, beginning Sat, Jan 8 on NPR. The concept of cooking on the radio is a fraught one, like radio ventriloquism.

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      Thanks for letting your fingers do the walking (a phrase on the endangered species list, as some cities now want to ban phone books because of the recycling burden). It's unclear if this will be broadcast other than on WGBH - possibly the Boston area will be a test run. Happy to notice the ginger tapioca recipe, though: another dish for the "round tuit" list!

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        I gave a quick listen to the first show listed on WGBH and I'll be following along to see where this leads. Thank you for calling attention to the programming.

    2. VH1 had a Best of SNL: Alec Baldwin show the other night, and I was fortunate enough to catch the Schweddy Balls segment. Cooking on the radio should be so entertaining!

      "no one can resist my Schweddy Balls"...

      1. Cooking and recipe shows have had success on the radio for decades. There was a ventriloquist act with a 20 year run on network radio as well (Edgar Bergen).

        I think the success of The Splendid Table and Kimball's appearances on that show is what prompted this show.

        1. Kimball was interviewed this week on a local Boston radio chat show: http://www.wgbh.org/programs/The-Call...

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            pretty hilarious that Callie referred to the SNL public radio skit, mentioned by coney with everything above, inside of the first few seconds of the interivew.

          2. Sounds amusing, esp. for those driving around Saturdays from market to market. Listening to Kimball (who I enjoy) is probably a net gain over watching him.

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              +1... kimball is good on radio. You can avoid his visual goofiness.

            2. A local chef named Melinda Lee has done a cooking show on the radio here in the Los Angeles area for years. She talks about food, recipes, and answers callers' questions. It's pretty entertaininga nd informative when you're out driving and stuck for something to listen to. If I'm not mistaken, The Two Hot Tamales (Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger) have also had successful radio show.

              If two car mechanics from Boston can get big audiences joking about car advice, why not cooking shows? Except for Sirius/XM and music, most of radio is getting to be a wasteland IMHO.

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                I understand she bakes a pretty mean Kwanza cake. Somebody pass me the Corn Nuts.

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                  Just edited my post. The LA personality is MELINDA Lee. She DOESN'T do a Kwaanza cake.

              2. I enjoyed the show and was listening each weekend to the recorded version on the ATK site, but I haven't seen/heard any new shows since 3/26/11. I checked again today, and now it appears that the 3/19/11 show is the most recent. What gives? Has anyone heard what happened or why the radio show (may have) been canceled? Did it get moved into "subscriber only" content?

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                  The station is one episode ahead of their own radio website!
                  I haven’t seen/heard any others since the 3/26 show.

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                    That was the end of their first season.