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Jan 1, 2011 06:13 AM

How was your New Year's Eve experience?

Happy New Year Chow Hounders!
Since I spent my night in the my kitchen last night looking at dupes and feeding people I'd be very interested in hearing about everybody's New Year's Eve restaurant adventures.
Both Good and Bad, you don't have to mention names if you don't want to.
Hopefully I'd just like to hear how you and yours had fun.

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    1. Very low key.

      Bought a little hunk of beef in Trader Joes' [yes, Whole Paycheck was 1/4 mile down the road, but the piece looked good], marinated it, cooked it on the Lodge CI grill on the stovetop with a Portobello Mushroom, made asparagus with vinegratte & a boiled potato for dinner.

      For dessert, we had a bottle of Georges Laval Cumiers Premier Cru Brut Nature.

      The dessert was the best part of the meal. We always stay home since the "amateurs" are driving about.

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        1. Originally we were planning on going to a friend's house for dinner and spending the evening with them, but a couple days before she got a stomach virus and all those plans were cancelled. Instead we had a very early dinner with my in-laws at John's Best in Ridgefield, CT. It is a place I will likely avoid in the future.

          I had the Chicken Francese, one of my favorite dishes ever. I make it well and I love eating it out. A simple, light dish, it's hard to screw it up... unless you use bottled lemon juice and what I suspect was margarine instead of butter for the sauce... like John's Best did. The chicken was cooked perfectly but the flavorless sour water of a sauce pretty much ruined it.

          Pasta entrees our table guests had looked fair. I didn't taste them, but neither did I want to. My husband a personal sausage pizza, I had a couple bites and that wasn't bad.

          We went to a card party and had a blast playing cards. We brought some wine and some homemade parmesan crisps I made that afternoon - those were delicious. In fact all the snacks were very good - ham and cheese biscuits, linguica and mustard, veggies and dips, Stew Leonard's potato chips. Dessert was three berry pie and some Schramsberg bubbly. The snacks and dessert saved the night.

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              We had a 7:15 reservation at Trumbull Kitchen, we arrived early and were sat at 7:40 at a table that was put in a walkway in order to seat us. 2 Deuces pushed together up against a railing. I was bumped by other diners and servers at least 2 dozen times.
              Our food was hit or miss, mostly miss. We enjoyed the goat cheese fondue and the chicken Chorizo sandwich. Stone Ground Pies were terrible and one of the sushi rolls was just bad.
              Our server was very good.
              It is a shame since we have always liked it there.

              Trumbull Kitchen
              150 Trumbull St., Hartford, CT 06103