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Dec 31, 2010 10:50 PM

Help me identify these cookies

I ran across this picture while clicking through a bunch of blogs and it brought back childhood memories of my siblings and I munching away on these button cookies as if they were the greatest things on earth. They were a staple in our home then. I have probably not had these for maybe 20 years and I don't know what they are called. We used to just call them "banh," which is a pretty generic term for cookies or bread in Vietnamese. I want to find these cookies!

I don't know if this is a specifically Asian cookie or not. I saw them image on a blog by a Singaporean blogger and I went to my local Asian store to find them, but did not see them. Does anyone know what these cookies are called and do you know if they are still available? It would be fantastic to give these to my siblings for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

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  1. In England they are called 'Little Gems'

    or 'Iced Gems'

    Hope this helps.

    1. In Hong Kong it's call "花塔餅" - Flower Tower Cracker, it's a treat that contains "Piperazine" some kind of deworm drugs for kids, I remembered the government kept warning people not to give too many to kids, but I was always wondering why they sell them in store and make them so pretty if it's drugs, it's looks and taste like cracker with sugar icing to me. I think I have seen them at some Asian Markets in North America.