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Medieval Times

I'm almost embarrassed to be asking this on this board, but a friend of mine wants to go to Medieval Times in a couple of days as part of a "Man Day" he's planning. I'm focused much more on the atmosphere than the food, but if anyone's been, I was wondering if you have any thoughts on the food. Is it decent, at least?


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  1. It's edible. We had chicken and also got one vegetarian meal, and most of it was meh, maybe comparable to airline food? I don't remember much, aside from it all being very plain and definitely salty. MT was an interesting experience, but I'm in no hurry to go back. I'm glad you're going mostly for the show.

    1. We went to one in Orlando some time ago. The food is edible, it is made to appeal to a wide variety of people, mainly families with kids. Nothing memorable. So go for the atmosphere and to enjoy your friend's Man Day (!!??) then reward yourself with a good meal another night.

      1. Well, two votes for "edible." I guess I can live with that.

        Yeah, "Man Day." It also involves playing Risk and watching a DVD of the "A-Team" movie. <shrug>

        1. The food is ok, and the show is fun. Be forewarned, tho - if you're allergic to horses, take an antihistamine before you go in. Even though you don't get close to them, the air must be thick with essence of horse, because I broke out in hives each time I've been there (twice).

          1. Will you be dueling your buddy a la Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick in "The Cable Guy ? "

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              I don't think that's the plan, but--I kid you not--he has been known to bust out the "fight music" from the original Star Trek, exactly like Jim Carrey did in the movie (and preceding the movie, by the way).

              Thanks for the warning, Ricepad. I'm not allergic to horses, though I have to say I don't love the smell. At least now I have a better idea what to expect.

            2. Edible is a stretch - I would eat before hand or get some takeout to bring to your buddies parents basement! LOL

              But seriously - do you need a partner for Risk???

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                C'mon, the food is fine, and definitely edible. I've been there a coupld of times, and the oven roasted cornish hens, soup, etc while a little bland were better than expected.

              2. The food's alright. Nothing special. About the worst you could say is that it's pretty bland stuff. So if you suffer from flavor intolerance, you should be just fine. It's all about the show anyway. I've had much worse food experiences at dinner theaters.

                1. Add another vote to the "it's edible" column. The roast chicken was comparable to grocery store rotisserie chicken and the tomato soup was a little bit better than Campbell's condensed. They do not provide utensils, but they do hand out plenty of napkins.

                  I went a couple of times in high school for band competition awards ceremonies, and it was actually a really good facility for that type of event. Dinner, a show, then the "king" presented the awards. As a bonus, the competition organizers told the MT staff which band was grand champion and where they were sitting, so the winning "knight" always picked his maiden/princess from the winning band.

                  1. The first thought that came to me was Clootie's words, "its edible" that said its about the same quality you would get at Hometown Buffet, if your hungry you can eat it, thats about it.

                    1. As most are saying, it is edible, not fantastic though, but most people don't go there for the meal. And hold onto your drinks if everyone starts pounding the tables!

                      1. Hi, everyone. Thanks a lot for your thoughts.

                        Unfortunately, we didn't end up going to Medieval Times. We actually started with an early movie (Tron) at the theater, then went for what we expected to be a quick lunch at a sports bar in the same mall. Service there was extremely slow--they probably assumed that we were actually there to watch whatever game happened to be playing at the time--and it took us forever to get out of there. By the time we got to my friend's house and watched the A-Team, it was already getting kind of late, and we hadn't even started Risk yet.

                        My friend ordered dinner from Papa John's, which is kind of his go-to delivery place. In honor of Man Day, one of the pies he ordered was "The Meats," which didn't really work for me, but that's fine.

                        Overall, it was a good day, but unremarkable from a foodie perspective.

                        1. i'm just glad that my kids are grown and that the granddaughter is only 14 months old. so i don't have to think about medieval times for another decade or so. i guess that i should also be grateful that none of my male friends have "man days".

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                            Hey, don't knock Man Day until you try it. It was fun.