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Dec 31, 2010 05:50 PM

OK it's NYE and I know I won't make it til midnight did you cook anything special?

I'm not one for going out on NYE, but I do try to cook something special or different. This year I picked up a turducken and made some roasted kabocha with ginger and nutmeg; parnsip mashed potatos and peas, rounded off with a really nice red wine and amaretto for dessert. Guess it's good we stayed in for the evening. So, what did you make?

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  1. I made pasta with smoked salmon and salmon caviar. We were given the ingredients in a Christmas basket. I thought the dish would be appropriately "special," but it was rather bland. I actually think our normal dinners are tastier. Ah, NYE stinks anyhow -- my son is bummed that he's not going to a party. I think we'll all watch White Collar and go to bed!

    1. So, how was the turducken, Peg? I'm always curious, but so far haven't ventured into that territory. We have lots going on in the extended family, so I just made a simple Italian sauage, escarole and white bean soup to serve with sour dough. Tasty enough, and not too time-consuming. Planning on making beef goulash and spaetzle tomorrow.

      Happy New Year, Hounds!

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        Turducken worked out really well. I would purchase one again. All the work is basically done for you and I liked that it was fresh rather than frozen. All I had to do was butter and season the skin and pop it in the oven. The 6 pound boneless breast took just under 3 hours and there was plenty of drippings to make a nice gravy. Happy New Year all!!

      2. After Christmas, we like to spend New Years alone and take it easy too. We always get takeout New Years Eve, two different kinds chosen by the two of us. Pick it up around 5 or 6, then go home and lock the doors! This year ended up being typical Chinese (egg roll, soup and egg foo yung) for husband and a giant sushi platter for me. We do share, of course. I almost didn't make it to midnight, I fell asleep on the couch but then woke up around 11:30, luckily.

        New Years Day is when I get a little ambitious, but it's always a simple roast, usually prime rib. Then time for the healthy/diet food, but that can wait until the 2nd.

        1. I didn't get to cook much at Christmas so we had people round and I did a roast loin of pork with confit, pommes boulangères, red cabbage and a nut roast en croute for the veggies. We had a maple cheesecake to finish with some caramelised walnuts. I had a blast and everything with went really smoothly!