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Dec 31, 2010 03:04 PM

Any Eastbay markets still have some "Grandma's® chili powder" left?

I just found out that they stopped making the only chili powder that mattered "Grandma's" Chili powder brand"

I am desperate to find some market (preferably in the East Bay, but I will drive anywhere for a good supply ) that still has some left.

Help...I may never be able to make my famous Chili again!


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  1. I knew this topic sounded familiar and I wasn't much help then.
    However here is another link so you won't feel lonely.

    1. Good news - Grandma's is back and it smells divine! The shop keeper at the small, independent grocery store where I bought it said it was a new item. For store locations call 913-888-4343. Williams Foods is in Lenexa, KS (Grandma's Spanish Pepper Co).

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      1. re: sfpipeline

        Hello sfpipeline,

        What is the name of the small, independent grocery store where you bought yours recently?


        1. re: Mission

          I'm in San Francisco and the grocery store is hidden in ParkMerced, which is next to SFSU.

          Park Plaza Fine Foods
          111 Cambon Drive
          San Francisco, CA 94132
          (415) 587-7075

          1. re: sfpipeline

            Hi sfpipeline,

            Thanks for the "hot" tip.

            Yes indeed Park Plaza Fine Foods had some Grandma's chili powder in stock.

            I picked up their last four jars.

            Hopefully they are still producing this fantastic product and they will be able to restock.

            However I have not heard or read anything that says that Williams Foods is producing the Grandma's brand anymore?

      2. You probably don't want to go to Wal-Mart but I did see it at the one in Pleasanton.

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        1. re: baseballfan

          The Walmart in Pleasanton does not have any...nor did they ever!
          According to the manager of the food dept there.
          She was a fan and user of Grandma's chili powder and was quite sure of them never carrying it.

          The search continues...

          1. re: Mission

            Sorry...good thing I am not in Vegas! I would have bet good money that I bought it there not too long ago. I'm glad you called before you went though. ;)

        2. Hopefully I found it! I called the link for Williams Foods and I was told that it (Grandma's Chili Powder) is carried at Grocery Outlet in the Sacramento, California area. However, the place I called was in Texas. Apparently the powers that be decidd to bring it back.

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          1. re: Sacsun

            also amazon carries

            'Williams Chili Seasoning '

            which is the exact same as Grandma's Chili Powder in look,color and taste.

            1. re: Sacsun

              I bought some packets of Grandma' Chili seasoning at the Oakland Grocery Outlet about 6 months ago.

              It is not the same as the original Grandma chili powder.

              The small Grandma chili seasoning has wheat flour and corn starch and is not a true chili powder.

              However the the large jars of "Williams Chili Seasoning" available at Amazon
              is straight chili powder...weird.

              Hopefully they have brought back the original Grandma's chili which was (is) a fantastic product.